Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day-Remembering 1 year ago

Ella tonight, after her bath. She is in the same headband and bow as last year. (I thought that was the same outfit as in the picture below, but I guess it is a different one...it still shows the size difference).

The headband was HUGE on her last year.

What a difference a year makes....WE ARE BLESSED AND LOVED!!!

Valentine LOVE

Carter loved making Valentine goody bags to take to Debbie's house.

They LOVE eachother


The adorable outfit-complete with heart tights and glitter on the shirt! (Thanks to Will and Lydia and their mom's great shopping skills!)

We found out Ella loved donut holes.

 Grandma Deb and Grandpa Randy came for a visit on Sunday. It is always fun when they come!!

Carter loves his Grandpa Randy (or Grandpa Ranny-as he calls him)

Tonight I made a special Valentine's Dinner. Here is Ella in her spot.

I made heart bread sticks!

Anyone that knows me, knows dessert is MY main course. :)

Carter at the table...our dinning room table-a special treat!

Ella loved opening her cards, especially her elephant card from Guh Guh and Pappy!(They also gave her an adorable heart sweatsuit that she wore today, but I did not get a picture of it!)

I found these adorable mailbags on sale this weekend. We put the cards that the kids have received in the slot on top...so cute! We will use them for years to come.

The kids had a fun party at Debbie's house. Emily brought heart shaped pancakes and iced sugar cookies. We made brownies with Valentine sprinkles-Carters request. They played Valentine Bingo and did a heart art project. It was a very fun day for them.

Ryan and I celebrated on Friday night with a date night. Just US. It was great. I love that man. :)

Ella loves windows

Ella loves windows! Looking out them...touching them...feeling the cold...
In this picture, Ella and Carter are waiting for Grandpa Randy and Grandma Deb to come visit on Sunday.

Ella Girl

She makes some silly faces!

 She is a BIG eater and loves anything and everything. Most of time, she eats what we are eating. She loves meat, fruits, vegetables, breads...whatever you put in front of her. :)
She got her last Synagis shot on Friday. We hope that it gets her through the flu season and keeps her RSV free. She weighs just under 19 pounds and Dr. Stuppy said, "She looks fabulous!"

Walter's Birthday

Walter turned 5 and we celebrated at Monkey Biz (indoor play place) on Saturday. Walter lives at the end of our block. We spend a lot of time together...especially when the weather is nice. (Not so much lately....too cold to be outside!)

They loved chasing other guys with these mats. It was a fun party!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


So cute

brother loves sister-sister loves brother

They love their cozy sweatsuits they got for Christmas from Aunt Stacy. I think they look adorable matching!!
My silly camera is set to a weird setting and blinks twice as it takes the picture...that is why the kids' eyes are not "wide open" in the pictures.

Lauren Turns 30

I will be one of Lauren's Matron of Honors at her wedding in May. She has such an AMAZING GUY! Chris (and Lauren's mom) planned the shower. It was a SURPRISE to Lauren and so much fun!
The Birthday Girl with RJ and Ryan Evans (Summer's husband)

Us- Me, Lauren and Summer

Lauren and Chris--how cute!

Lauren, Happy 30th!! What a fun year it will be for you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Days x 3

Daddy and Carter using the snow blower and shoveling. Carter loves being a little helper.

We are snowed it. Kansas City was really hit hard.

Carter was working hard.

Today is day 3 (in a row) of snow day/days off. I LOVE being home. We have been cleaning, baking and catching up around the house.

Fun on Saturday!

Carter and Emily earned a play date by having "5 star days" at Debbie's House. Carter planned the whole thing...First, we went to Krispy Kreme for donuts.

Carter and Em with their KK Donut hats!

They liked watching the donuts being made.

Then, we went to the library to check out books and play with the blocks. This little girl loves the blocks!

Carter and Emily building a fire station out of blocks...

Later on that day, we met Brody and his family at Chuck E. Cheese. Ella loves sporting her Purple!

Carter loved playing the games.

Silly brother and sissy

Carter called me...and this is what I found!

Then, Ella saw me and wanted out of the crib! :)

Cute outfit from Grandma Deb

The darling outfit and the cute girl!
 It has snowmen on the bottom.

Baby girl waving.

Look- you can see hair!!

Pictures of fun!

Carter made a "fort of toys" for Ella in her room!

Carter chose Ella's headband and bows to match her outfit.

Ella's shirt says "snow bunny" and Carter is sporting his KSU Pride!!

Emily's Birthday Party

Carter loves Emily. They are great friends. They have been at Debbie's together since they were weeks old. Emily and her family live across the street from us.
A picture of Mommy and Carter before we leave for the party!

Ella waving bye-bye as we were leaving-but first posing with Daddy and Carter.

Carter and Emily with silly glasses

The roller coaster...Carter was excited to go on it, until he realized what a roller coaster was. His face was priceless while on the ride. Needless to say, he rode it once and then I had to rode all the other rides with him, including the train and carousel.

Playing games

When we got home, he wanted Ella to wear the silly glasses!

It was a fun party celebrating Emily's 4th birthday!