Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Saturday, January 28, 2012

This Week

Ella is now sporting PIG TAILS!!

Daddy and Carter put together her art easel he got from Grandma Deb and Ranny for Christmas. He has been drawing a lot with the markers and chalk.

We made brownies and a few kids got to lick the beaters.

Ella liked being a licker!

So cute playing with Daddy!

The NEW Sonic

A few weeks ago, we found this Sonic that you can SIT IN and EAT!
At the time, we could not stop. But this weekend we tried it out!
Daddy was home getting a roof estimate, we needed to get out of the house anyway!
We got seated in our booth

Carter chose a cherry slushie and a water

Ella wanted milk

We got to order on the phone

And at the end of the meal, kids get free ice cream!
We will definitely be back to this NEW Sonic!!

The morning after her birthday party

Ella loves all her babies that she received!
There were even a few more that we asleep in their crib that she would not let 'wake up' for the picture!  
And her new purses!
 She loves them all and will grab them and say, "Let's Go!"
And  when I ask where she is going she always says, " Nana's House!".
I agree. I like going to Nana's House, too. :)
She is enjoying her doll house, too.
I love having a GIRL!!

Carter got to bring home his preschool class pet, Cassidy!
Cassidy was her the same weekend as Ella's party.

Here they are eating some gumballs

And we took Cassiday to Target for an ICEE.

So fun!

And they found a new hiding spot to watch cartoons.

The Party Plans

The planning started with this...for the SWEET TREATS celebration!

2nd Birthday Party!

We had our " Sweet Shoppe" Candy and Gingerbread themed party on Saturday, Jan. 14th with friends and family.
The birthday girl in her 2 shirt and candy themed leggings!
The candy buffet table- twizzlers, tootsie rolls, m&ms, suckers, gummy worms, conversation hearts..and lots more....a kids dream!

The dessert table- cookies, chocolate snack mix, chocolate pretzels...and MORE! YUM!

Ella stealing a piece of the confetti fudge...she really liked it!

Ella and Caden playing with her kitchen
Opening gifts...she really gets the hang of it now
And boy, was this girl spoiled!!

Playing in her new tunnel

Opening her baby crib set

and then she sat on it with her purse in hand-so funny!

Uncle Kyle and the birthday girl with the gift he gave her. She really likes the princess books and music.

And the BABIES! She loved them ALL...

and the baby beds, baby clothes, baby crib...

and her puppy pet that she now carries everywhere!!

I tried to make a cake...it flopped. (Well, half of it flopped...this is the part that turned out...)
 So my mom ran out and bought one at the last minute at the store! Oh well, I need to bake more often!

Carter and Jay singing to her

Ella liked the cake and the icing!

The lollipops and kids!!


Birthday girl!
We had a fun day celebrating the miracle of Ella's birth and her 2 years of life!
We loved having all our friends and family over for the sweet treats!!

After the party we took naps and then headed out to dinner. Yea for Ella!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Funny Kids

Ella and Senor Carter had their first tea party together.
They used water and goldfish crackers and the treat.
Notice they flipped over a Rubbermaid box as the table...so creative!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ella is TWO!

Ella turned TWO YEARS OLD on Saturday, Jan. 7th!
We celebrated as a family of 4. We will celebrate this coming weekend with our extended family, due to the KSU bowl game. :)
We asked Ella what she wanted for breakfast and her choice was DONUTS!
She got a sprinkled donut.


After nap and lunch we opened presents and headed to Crowne Center downtown KC.
She opened Little Miss Muffin from Carter. He picked it out for her.
She did not want any one to help open her gifts. HA!

A" 2"  Shirt with lots of sparkles for Ella!
Then we headed to Crowne Center. Our first stop was the Crayola Store where the kids colored.

And we went to the candy store-where Ella did NOT want to pose for a picture.
All she wanted was the candy!
We did not realize that Crowne Center closes so early on Saturdays. So we left and we went to Manny's for dinner. Ella found out she likes Salsa with her chips.
They sang to her and brought her dessert. She also got a sombrero to wear, but she was not interested in it...
so brother wore it. :)
They had a mariachi band that came and sang to us and the table next to us-who was also celebrating a birthday.Ella loved clapping to the music.
Happy Two Year-Old!
Then it was time for CAKE! It was Ella's favorite part of the day.
Carter liked the cake, too.
Ella and daddy
Ella and her Mommy

We love you so much, big girl! Get ready for a fun party next weekend!