Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Grandma Deb and Grandpa Ranny

We were excited that Grandma Deb and Grandpa Ranny came for a visit on Saturday!
They came to celebrate Daddy's birthday. We had a fun time and look forward to seeing them later this week for Thanksgiving and Carter's Birthday!

Carter's Birthday Party

Carter will be 5 years old over Thanksgiving Break. We celebrate with his friends a little early. We decided to do something a little different...and we had LOTS of FUN!
It started about 4:30pm on Friday...
We gave Carter a present for the car ride. It was a Curious George Pirate DVD.

Then our friends were ready for the fun!
Will and his Mom Meg
Brody and his Mom Jenny

Uncle Kyle was ready for us when we got there!
Kyle is the Assistant GM for the Marriott in Lawrence. We got a Suite for the night! Kyle had decorated the room for the party!

We went to a small cafe that served sandwiches and pizza for dinner. It was delicious!

Carter and Will got a hold of my camera during dinner...
both of them made silly faces!

Uncle Kyle and Carter by the welcome board by the front desk. It said, " Welcome Carter Jasperson Birthday Extravaganza"!

Uncle Kyle had a special treat for us. ICEE frozen slushies. YUMMY! One of Carter's favorite treats is an ICEE and Uncle Kyle knew he would LOVE them.

We had Pirate cupcakes. Grandma Deb had found these adorable pirate themed liners and decorations. SO CUTE!

The three pirates ready fun with their eye patches.

We gave them fake pirate teeth in their goody bags and pirate swords.

Ahoy, Matey!

So Silly!

Uncle Kyle talking to Carter in the hot tub.

The boys had so much fun in the pool!

 Then we went back to the room to opened presents and got cozy in our PJs.
The boys fell asleep watching a movie.
The next morning we woke up early (that's what happens when you have 3 boys in one room) and they were ready for breakfast. The boys ate in their PJs. The boys had their fill of waffles, eggs, sausage, cereal....they loved having choices.

And when we were ready to go home we got a luggage cart. Of course the boys jumped on first. :)

It was a fun way to celebrate Carter's 5th! We look forward to celebrating with our family on his real day, Saturday, Nov. 26th.

Daddy's Birthday

We love our Daddy! We celebrated with a great dinner at his favorite restaurant and homemade chocolate chip cookies-his favorite.

They are making silly faces in this picture. Even Ella is sticking out her tongue!
We hope you had a great day Daddy!!

And a new little Miss was born on his birthday, too....

My best friend from Newton had baby Charlotte. She is beautiful and so sweet! Casey and Joel will be amazing parents!

Random Pics

Ella is getting so big. I love it!

Emily and her brother came over a day last week when we did not have daycare. My Aunt Patrice had just sent a box from Texas returning all of my old dance costumes that she had used for her girls' play clothes. Emily and Carter found the box and found some funny clothes! Carter loved the suspenders.

Carter as a clown(I think that was a Halloween costume from my cousin) and Emily and Ella in my old ballet costumes.

Carter and Ella playing with the moon dough.

Ella loved it because she got to sit at a table since Ethan was in the highchair. She felt like a big girl!

The kids went over to Lydia and Will's house to play...

Ella looking cute at thier house...

While the Mommys celebrate a new little one coming soon!

Lucky the Ladybug

Lucky the Ladybug is Carter's Ladybug Class Mascot. (His morning class is called the Ladybugs). A student gets to take Lucky home and take them on the weekends adventures. The student then writes in Lucky's journal about its weekend. Carter was very excited when Lucky got to come home with him.
We took it to the store and Target. We decided he should get to ride along in one of Carter's backpacks.

Daddy and Carter took Lucky to get donuts.

Lucky the Ladybug with Lucky our dog.

Then we went to the library-one of Carter's favorite places.

Looking at all the books.

When we got home, Ella had fallen asleep on the floor between the couch and the coffee table. Daddy said he didn't want to wake her so he didn't move her. Too cute!

Carter's School Pictures

Carter's school pics were Nov. 1st-the day after Halloween. His school sent the order form home on Oct. 1st and then nothing else was said about picture day....No excuses-I forgot.
I went over to his school (which is just across the street from mine) in a panic to see one kid in a suit, others in ties, girls in gorgeous dresses...and then there was Carter in a KSU sweatsuit. HA!
He was able to take his pictures the next day...so on Nov. 2nd I sent him dressed appropriately.

First School Pictures=So Cute!

Ella's Second OUCH

Ella fell at Debbie's house and hit her head. Debbie called me, I was not able to go get her so I called Ryan to go pick her up. When I asked him how she looked he said, " It was the definition of a goose egg!" Poor girl!
The goose egg is close to her mark from her OUCH this summer.

The side profile...definitely a goose egg.

But as you can see-she was off and running soon. :)


Carter had a fun Halloween Day at school. Here is his 4x4 afternoon class in their costumes.
He is the Police Officer front and center.
A close up

The played a balloon relay

and they hoola hooped.

This is him with his group Drew, Hailey and Carter. At this station they are decorating bags with Halloween stickers and google eyes.
Here is the group at Mrs. Debbie's House.
Emily (KU cheerleader) with brother Ethan (KU football player)
Annie (Strawberry Shortcake) with brother Ethan (in a Halloween Shirt)
Carter (Police Man) with sissy Ella (flower princess fairy)
We went trick-or-treating at Nana and Papa's House!

Ella the fairy with Nana.

We had a fun night!