Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ella's 1st Birthday Invitation

This is the invitation for Ella's 1st Birthday Party!
Please know that everyone is invited!
We have been blessed by your prayers over the last year. This is a way of celebrating Ella and how much she has BLOOMED over the year.

Our Christmas Card

May all your days be merry and bright!

Merry Christmas!
With Love, Ryan, Megan, Carter and Ella

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day at Nana and Papa's house

It was fun to play Christmas Day at Nana and Papa's house! We went over int he morning for breakfast, came home to relax and play with Carter's new toys, Ella took a nap and then we went back to Nana and Papa's house for dinner and presents. Ryan and his family came up mid afternoon and Kyle came, too. 
Ella was decked out!! Meg, my friend made her the reindeer shirt and tutu....SO ADORABLE!!
I commented on a little girls' hair bow at school, and her mom made me one! It looked so cute with the outfit!

Elaina and Ella in their tutus

Carter and Jay....they have so much fun together!

Ella received a pink block set from Nana and Papa.

Carter and Jay got this really cool work truck set that came with a play mat and book...they have had fun with them!

Pappy and Guh Guh with all the grand kids!

Ella loves her Uncle Kyle...and they match in red!

Carter's Christmas shirt has Santa playing the guitar and one elf playing the drums and another playing an instrument, too.

Each year, we enjoy our family time with Aunt Patrice, Natale and Ashley.  (Pictured with Elaina and Uncle Robert is not pictured...but we really like him, too).
Ella loved her pop-out book from Aunt Patrice and her family!

We ended the night watching the Wizard of Oz on t.v. Carter and Jay were mesmerized by it!

What a wonderful Christmas day surrounded by family! We also enjoyed our traditional Prime Rob dinner....absolutely delicious!!

Christmas Morning

Carter was so excited to see what Santa brought him!! Ella was sleeping (she had been up earlier) so we did not wake her.
He loved his play set that had a camping tent, people, a boat and animals.

He really likes Bernstein Bears books!

He got a lap desk with his name on it.

His favorite toy was this Police Station! He played with it all day!!

Then Ellie woke up, and she enjoyed some "baby puffs" cereal that was in her stocking.

 She liked her Princess Wand...especially the streamers.
Carter likes his airplane that lands on water.
Ella likes her new stocking hat! Of course, it is PINK!

Santa was awfully good to Carter and Ella this year!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Pee Wee- Our Elf on the Shelf

I am so glad we started this tradition last year. Pee Wee was named by Carter and daddy last year when we got him. Pee Wee came with a book that explained he was magical. Every day he watches Carter's behavior. And then at night, he flies home to Santa and reports how Carter's behavior has been. When he comes back to our house, he cannot remember where he was the last time, so he has a new spot to hide.

Every morning, the first thing Carter does is go find Pee Wee. Sometimes he is in the Christmas Tree, he loves to hide in Carter's stocking or the kitchen...Carter talks to him and tells him about his day and asks him questions. He acts like Pee Wee talks back to him, too and tells us Pee Wee's answers.

 Last night, we knew he would go to the North Pole until next year .So, as we left cookies and milk for Santa, and carrots (9 pieces for all the reindeer) we had to leave crackers out for Pee Wee.
I took this picture of Carter with Pee Wee hiding in the tree last night.

And just so you know- Pee Wee has friends. His friends are Carters' friends Elves of the shelf. Emily has Noodle, Jay has Chuckie and Will has Ernie.
Good-bye, Pee Wee, until next year!

Christmas Eve- Guh Guh's Birthday

Christmas Eve is my mom's birthday. a.k.a. Guh Guh. It is aways a special day celebrating her. We always go to Mass with them and my mom's family.
After Mass

Carter went up tot he altar after Mass to see Baby Jesus in the manger.

I went with the non-traditional attire for Mass.

My Nana, my mom, Ella and I  after Mass at Nana's house.

Our family after Mass in our church attire.

Tradition-we always take family pics by Nana's tree after Mass.

Ella loves her Uncle Kyle!! He likes to play with her, too.

Guh Guh and her cake.

Before we left, Carter had to decorate a sleigh and a tree sugar cookie for Santa.
I had a fun day with you, Mom! Love you!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Last Minute Shopping

Guh Guh decided she needed a few more things...so off we went! Ella enjoyed watching all the people. It is fun to have her in a stroller type cart and out of her normal car seat. She enjoyed Khols. I know it is one of many shopping trips with mommy and Guh Guh! 

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Oh, yes. I am thirty now.
I celebrated with my family. It was so nice to be at home with the kids in the morning. We met daddy for lunch and then my parents went to dinner with us. I have been wanting to go to a Japanese Steakhouse for awhile. I love them. Last year we want to, but I was not feeling up to it.

My Aunt Patrice, Uncle Robert and cousins Natalie and Ashley are here at my Nana's house for Christmas. They kept Ella and played with her while we went to dinner. It was so nice of them, so that we could enjoy dinner and not have to worry about Ella.
Ella before we left for dinner. I had her decked out in this adorable gingerbread man outfit. My mom bought it for her while she was in the NICU.

Carter had also gotten one of my holiday necklaces and wrapped it up as a special gift for me to unwrap. Such a sweet boy!
I love my family.
At Kyoto -the Japanese Restaurant

Carter really liked the chop sticks!

The food was SOOOO good!!
Daddy caught 7 out of 7 shrimp in his mouth. (The lady next time him "barked" like a seal at him!) It was funny.

Of course they somehow knew it was my birthday...and they sang, brought out the silly hat for me to wear and brought me cheese cake!

Then we went back to Nana and Papa's house for my DQ ice cream cake. It was a great day being surrounded by my family!

Christmas at Aunt Marilyn's

Aunt Marilyn sent Ella this beautiful dress!!

Grandma Gwen joined us! Caden and Ella loved to sit, stare, touch and chat together.  

Ella liked to play with the layers of her dress.

Grandpa Gerald and Grandma Carol were there...but I guess I did not get any pictures of them with the kids. I will make sure to next time.
Marilyn is an AMAZING cook and their new house is beautiful. It was a nice and relaxing afternoon.

Christmas with Grandpa Randy and Grandma Deb

With the grand kids!

Carter and Ella with Cousin Caden

Ella loved playing...

and unwrapping presents!

Carter loved his drum shirt...

and his books! He loves to read!
Ella loves her singing kitchen.

Carter loves playing with his Toy Story Landfill.

And ending the night in Christmas PJ's!