Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Thursday, June 30, 2011


It did not suprise me that going for donuts was one of the first things Carter wanted to "check-off" his summer list. He definately has his Mommy's sweet tooth. I think Ella may have it, too.


Sweet things

Carter and Ella love playing together! They have so much fun together!
They love playing in our little tent!

Carter loves to hug her! She usually likes it for about 2 seconds.

Ella loves pushing her baby stroller she got for her birthday from Nurse Alisha!

And she enjoys hugging her baby!

Lydia's 2nd birthday

It was so girly and fun! It had a Princess/Tinkerbell theme. 
Meg made DELICIOUS cupcakes!

Lydia and Ella in their Tinkerbell costumes!


Carter's T-ball games have continued every Saturday with practice on Thursday nights.
He has a lot of fun and enjoys his teammates.
At Saturday's game, he was pitcher!
This is him in his "ready position"

Hitting the ball

And then he ran to first base! Daddy is the first base coach.

He had some special fans at the game-Mrs. Debbie and her family! We are proud of our #10!

Summer FUN list

We made our list and have a lot to do!!
This years list is extra l-o-n-g!

Carter could not wait to show Daddy our list!

And Ella helped by looking cute! :) She is ready to go anywhere. (And she let me put a bow in her hair!)
We are off to the pool today with our cousin who are in from San Antonio! We can't wait!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We love our Daddy!! He is very special to us.

Daddy opening up his birdhouse and frame from Carter. Carter made the frame at Debbie's House. He glued nuts and bolts to it. It is very cute!

** You can tell from the picture above that Carter began not feeling well on Saturday. He started a very high temperature with a horrible barking cough. Poor guy!
We love our Grandpa Ranny, too. He always makes the kids laugh.

Carter loves his adventures with Pappy. They always have a list of things to work on.

Ella is Pappy's special girl. :)

We love our Papa! We went over to his house to see him and Nana on Friday. We had a special card to give him that Carter made and Ella colored on it, too.

We love our Daddy and grandpas!!

Summer Week 3

Summer Fun...Havin' a Blast!
Brody came over and they made BUGS out of molding clay!

The finished projects. They made ants, spiders and snails.
TUESDAY- Mommy tutored, so Carter and Ella had a fun day at Debbie's House!
WEDNESDAY- Splash Cove Pool in Shawnee! So Much Fun!!

We went to the AWESOME splash park! We LOVE it.
Don't you LOVE her tiered suit from Aunt Stacy!

 Carter and Brody having fun.
Ella loves the water! She loved the little spray fountains.

Fun in the sun!
THURSDAY- We went to Will's house to paint our Father's Day Projects! Carter chose birdhouses to paint for his Daddy and grandpas. 

Carter with the finished product.

 Brody came over later in the afternoon and the kids painted flower stakes for their grandmas.
Ella played and watched.
FRIDAY- We went to Chuck E. Cheese with Brody and Will's families! 

Carter and Will playing the fireman game. Carter really liked it!

Eating Pizza. YUMMY!

Carter and Brody on a "ride".

Back to the fireman game...

Friday evening, we were off for Newton!! Ella was reading a book as we were loading the car.
SATURDAY-In Newton we enjoyed the pool, the Memorial Wiffle Ball Tournament for Brian Arellano, ate some really great food, and had fun with our family!!

Pool time!

 Ella loves to jump-in!
At the wiffle ball tournament, Caden and Ella played while we ate delicious Mexican food!

One of Carter's FAVORITE things about Newton is that he gets to drive from one grandparents house to the other. (They live on the same street, four houses away from each other). Carter loves steering the car.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Week Two

Sunday- It was the annual NICU reunion. It was fun to see familiar faces again and here the "experts" say how great Ella looks!!
Ella with Nurse Alisha

All the NICU babies (that were there) and born in 2010
Ella and I are in the front row-2nd from the left. She has on a neon-lime sweater .

At the reunion, they had ANIMALS! Snakes...

and a baby alligator!

Carter enjoyed the bounce house...

and Ella really like the cookies!!

Here is Ella and I with Nurse Sandy!

We also saw other nurses and Dr. Anderson, Dr. Carr and Dr. Calanbaugh. It was fun and we are looking forward to next year!

Monday- We got out our baby pool and the hose! We put our swimsuits on and had some fun!!

Carter washed his car.

Ella loved riding her horse.

Much of the week was spent getting ready for the garage sale. But we did find a few moments of fun...

Carter and our neighbor Henry with Silly String!

Our garage Sale was rained out on Friday. Thank goodness I found "painters plastic" in the garage to get everything covered fast. We had a total of 6 people participating in the sale-  It was HUGE. It was good (except for the rain-out Friday) and we had lots of traffic. (This is only about 1/4 of the "stuff" left on the driveway in the picture).

Friday night we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores in our fire pit.

Carter needed to go to the restroom, and he went in by himself. Daddy went in to check him-and this is what he found! Ha! "Working" on the toilet!

Carter had his 2nd game. He had fun-but it was hot. Guh Guh and Uncle Kyle came to see him play ! (My cameras battery went out...so no more pictures).

Cute girl walking!!