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Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer- Week One

Summer- Week ONE
Sunday and Monday- Daddy was off for Memorial Day, so we did a lot of fun things around the house: cleaning, mowing, picking weeds, planting flowers, going on walks, grocery shopping...

Tuesday- Wonderscope! We purchased a year membership at my school's auction. It is a great, fun play place for the kids! Each room has a different theme.

Ella loved being a "farmer"! ha!

Carter is stacking the hay bales and Ella is grocery shopping.

The health room-Dr. Carter and Patient Ella

The art room-face painting!!
Wednesday- Deanna Rose Farmstead! Our favorite place EVER!! It is a FREE local petting zoo...but it is huge and so cool! 

We love the goats...especially the baby ones. Carter always enjoys feeding them.

Ella and Carter petting the a baby goat.

Sitting in the shade -taking a swing!
Thursday- We went for a walk and then Carter had T-Ball practice.

On our walk

Swinging at the park! Carter likes to push Ella.
Friday- Did you know that it was National Donut Day? We celebrated with Will, Lydia and their friend Olivia at Krispy Kreme. 

Yummy donuts!!

Then it was pool time!

Carter loves the water and Ella does, too.
Saturday- Carter's 1st T-ball game!! 

Carter is up-to-bat with Daddy's help. Daddy is one of the assistant coaches.

hitting the ball

He made it to first base!

 Good job, Carter #10!!

After the game, Daddy's band had a gig and we organized for the upcoming garage sale.

Ella found a few of the pricing stickers!She is NOT for sale. :)

Then we had a picnic dinner on the back porch.

It was fun to eat outside, since we had nice weather!

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