Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Nana's Love

I remember in elementary school having to choose someone I admire to write about. I chose my Nana because of her love for me. Again when I was younger, I was in community theaters prduction of "Annie" and I had to choose a name for my orphan. I chose Ginny in honor of my Nana ( whose real name was Virgina). During the summer months I would come to KC and spend a week with her and Papa. She would plan specail things for us to do--shop on the Plaza, see her friend Darlyne, trolley ride, Kaleidoscope at Crowne Center....great memories!!
My Nana passed away a few weeks ago at her home surrounded by my Papa, her only living sister my Great Aunt Patricia,  my mom , my uncle Chris, my aunt Patrice, one of her nieces and me. She had been getting weaker each day and we were told by the hospice nurse that she was getting near the end. The night before she died she had a dream and saw her parents and siblings who had died years earlier. She had also told my Papa she did not think she would make it through the day. She knew the end was near--and she was not scared. My kids and I went to see her about noon. She asked where     " her dolly" Ella was. Her face lit up when Carter and Ella came in the room.  I knew in my heart it would be the last time I would be able to talk to her.

I went back to see her later in the evening. She had a struggle earlier in the day and the end was near. My uncle went and found a priest to administer the Last Rights to her. (The final  of seven sacraments in the Catholic faith). Once she received this sacrament, she was comfortable and at peace--we all were. We knew she was going to heaven to be with the Lord Jesus.
Her funeral service was beautiful. She was celebrated by many family members and friends.
Carter has been so cute. He is doing well and helped 'teach' Ella about heaven. We said that 'Nana is with Jesus'. So everytime we drive by our church Ella asks, " Where's Nana?" We continue to talk about her often.
We all have so many wonderful memeories with Nana. We all love and miss her SO MUCH. We know she is in heaven--out of pain and in peace.

The day after she died we went over to Nana and Papa's house. Everytime my kids over there, Nana had a special large-sized envelope where she had things for Carter. There were stickers she got in the mail, adds from the newspaper, notepads....something she knew Carter would like. Well, as we were sitting there I saw this enevelope in the same susual spot on the coffee table in front of where she always sat on the the couch. I looked it in and was brought to tears.  I found two $1 bills in it. One with a post-it note that said 'Carter' and one with a post it note that said 'Ella'--in my Nana's handwriting. She left them something very special--just like her--very special.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

NICU Reunion 2012

We are so thankful to St. Luke's Hospital for helping give Ella a healthy start.
Each year they celebrate by inviting all the past NICU families to a reunion.
 The photo booth pics :)
 Carter got his face painted like the super hero Captain America.
 Daddy and Ella enjoying the cookies.
 The group pictures of all the NICU 2010 babies.
We recognized a few of the families that were there at the same time as us.

Nurse Sandy!! She was there on the day Ella was born and she walked us out to our car the day Ella was discharged. She was one of our primary nurses. It was nice to see her and catch up

T-Bones Game

We went to the T-Bones game with a few friends from Carter's T-ball Team.
Alexander, Cooper and Carter 
 It was also STAR WARS day at the game!
 The teams got to walk on the field before the game.

 The boys and Star Wars characters,

 The next morning Carter's team had a game.
Guh Guh and Pappy came to cheer Carter and his team on and watch him play!
Pappy even brought Druber's Donuts for the team! What a yummy surprise!!


A few weeks ago we fell into an awesome deal-and had to buy tickets!!
It was K-STATE day at the ROYALS and were handing out white hats with a purple KC.
(They have a discounted Sunday pack that is AWESOME). We saw the Royals beat Oakland.
Brody and his family joined us for the fun. My mom was in town and watched Miss Ella.
In line before the game waiting to get into the stadium.

Willie the Wildcat signing Carter's purple and white KC hat.

 Our family and Willie
The boys and SLUGGER

 We joined Slugger's 'Blue Crew" and the boys got jerseys's  and these bags full of goodies!
 Carter's hat signed by Willie and Slugger
 Part of our 'sunday pack' of tickets was unlimited games in the outfield for free.
Carter and Brody went on the merry-go-round...
 and played on the 'little K'... field...
and even got to his a few balls.

After the game, families got to go on the field and run the bases!!

Daddy and Carter on the Royals field!!

 The boys thought it was AWESOME!
 Carter and Daddy having so much fun!!
Carter rounding 3rd base on the Royals field!!
Carter at HOME PLATE!!

What a fun day at the ROYALS STADUIM!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

T-ball 2012

Carter's t-ball season has started. He is on a team that has all Holy Trinity students. He has met a lot of nice boys on his team. His team voted and they are called the Super Sonics!
 Carter is #10
 Talking with his friends and keeping hydrated.
 Up to bat
On the field 
Watching their big brothers on the field.


June 1st-National Donut Day

 I got an email from Krispy Kreme saying in honor of National Dount Day. they were giving free donuts!! We picked up Brody and went for breakfast.
 Ella chose sprinkles
 Carter likes glazed donuts
 Carter and Brody wanted Krispy Kreme hats.

After our donuts, we headed to the park.
 Ella loves to swing.
 Carter and Brody collected sticks and rocks...
and played on the slide!

Memorial Day Weekend in Newton

 We celebrated Caden's 2nd Birthday with an Elmo party.
Caden LOVES Carter and talks about him and Ella all the time.
 Three of the Grand kids on Grandma Deb and Grandpa Ranny's porch.
Baby Emma must have been inside
 Pappy took Carter golfing for his first time ever.
They went to the range to hit some balls.
I think they both had a fun time.  
 While the boys went golfing, the girls stayed by the pool.
My parents have the most relaxing backyard.....
 Ella is going to be the FISH in the family. She LOVED the water and wanted to jump in and have us catch her over and over.
 Guh Guh and Ella having fun in the pool.

 Me and my girl!
 On Memorial Day we had a BBQ with my brother, Ryan and his family.
Jay got to stay the night at Pappy and Guh Guh's for a 'camp out' in the basement.
We went for ice cream at Braums.YUMMY!