Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Carter's Fireman Birthday Party Nov. 20th

We went and toured the local fire station as part of Carter's party. Carter really wanted to know where the firemen slept and ate.

The group (minus Annie) sitting on the front of the firetruck! Each child got to sit in the driver's seat and Carter even got to turn on the fire truck's lights!!

Then the firemen took us outside to the pumper truck and had each child turn the hose
on and off....so neat!!

We also had a lesson about fire safety and they got to "touch" the fireman in his gear

The firemen were SO NICE!! They were GREAT with the kids.

Then we came to our house and hit the fire truck pinata!

Getting the candy after Walter broke the pinata.

The firetruck cake! We also had pizza, juice boxes and red grapes.

"Aunt" Casey and Joel gave Carter a helicopter and trash truck (that talks!) On Sunday morning, the first thing out of Carter's mouth was, " Where is my helicopter?"

Debbie came over with a firetruck book!

And after the party-I remembered the ice cream!

It was so fun!! We will celebrate his "real" birthday tomorrow in Newton with our family. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday, DADDY!!

We celebrate on Sunday with his parents and sister. They brought a KSU cake from a bakery in Wichita.

Yesterday was his actual birthday. We tried to make it special . However, he was not feeling well and said he hoped one of his gifts was NyQuil.

Carter decorated daddy's present with stickers.

Ryan does not like cake, but LOVES chocolate chip cookies. So we made cookies and  put 30 cookies on
a plate with candles.
Carter helped daddy blow out his candles.

We decorated a sign for him...with a little help from Will, Lydia and Annie.

We love daddy and hope we made your day special. Happy 30th!!

Lauren's Baby Shower

Ella is her adorable Party Dress! It is another cute one from Aunt Stacy and hair accessories and shoes from Grandma Deb.

Loving the party!

Lauren with her sister, Paige and her mom, Teresa. Lauren's mom and my mom are cousins. She is not finding out what she is having. So fun to guess boy or girl!!
Nana was not feeling well, and  was not able to go with me so after the shower Ella and I went to Nana and Papa's house to drop off a piece of cake.

Papa and Ella posing for a picture. Of course, Popeye thought he needed to pose, too.


Big Girl Bumble Bee Ella sitting (with half her costume off)

And Carter the fireman showing his special treat from Uncle Chris. He gave him a "really big" candy with coins on it. Very special treat from his Uncle Chris.

Ryan took some really awesome pictures on his camera...and I will post them soon.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Happy 30th Casey!

Casey is my best friend from Newton. We met in 7th grade and I was her matron of honor is July.
Her great husband, Joel surprised her with a party on Saturday night. It was lots of fun. She was surrounded by friends and family, good food and an adorable and delicious cake!!
I hope you had a fun night and happy 30th!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Morning of Halloween

Grandma Gwen gave Carter some money for Halloween when we saw her on Saturday (the day before Halloween) at Megan's baby shower. I asked Carter what he wanted to do with his money, and he wanted to go buy Halloween sprinkled donuts! So we all went on Sunday morning to the donut store. And yes, he got Halloween sprinkles on his donut.

Carving Our Pumpkin

Daddy and Carter carved our "happy pumpkin"- Carter did not want a scary one. Last year, he did not like touching the inside of the pumpkin. This year, he liked getting messy!

Ella and I watched while she had her bottle. She enjoyed wearing her comfy Halloween PJ's!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Megan's Baby Shower

Mommy and Ella headed to the baby shower

Ella with Grandma Deb at the shower

cute little ghost! Her adorable outfit is from Grandma Deb and Aunt Stacy

The shower was for Ryan's cousin Megan! She looks great carrying a BABY!!
Her shower was so fun with a chocolate fountain and the most DELICIOUS cake!!
Megan, we are so excited for you and Dusty and can't wait for the arrival of Baby Colt!

Trunk or Treat at Holy Trinity

Carter, Ella and Mommy with Rose and Annie (I teach with Rose and Annie goes to Debbie's house)

Ella the bumble bee

Carter and Ella with Piglet (Megan Luby)

the "glowing" fireman with daddy

Even Ella got treats!

It was a fun night of trunk-or-treating! (Trick-or-treating in the church parking lot out of the car trunks).

Halloween Party at Debbie's

They made a pumpkin windsock with streamers

Evan the Bingo dog, Emily the Princess, Annie the Ballerina Princess and Carter the Firefighter

Ella wore her pretty outfit for the party!!It was ADORABLE!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Haunted Forest with Brody

Carter the fireman with Brody "Nemo" the fish

As we walked up to the haunted forest we saw a firetruck sitting out on display. A fireman came up and went on and on about Carter the "fireman in costume"...he invited Carter and Brody to come and sit in the firetruck and gave them a fire safety coloring book. Carter felt so special...

Sitting in the firetruck
Meeting the fire dog

Carter's costume is reflective...so it glows in every picture! The Haunted Forest was in Lenexa at a local park. They had different spots through the walking path decorated and then little plays, puppet shows, or storytellers performed for the group to enjoy. I think it will be a tradition for us to enjoy each year. The air was chilly and really blowing, so Daddy and Ella stayed home. Hopefully they can come with us next year.

Oct. 26th- Ella's first taste of baby food

 Mess face- cute bib!
She liked the sweet potatoes and wanted more! 

Mema's 89th Birthday

We met in Manhattan to celebrate Mema's special day. Ella is making a silly face....but she looks so cute in her ADORABLE outfit from Aunt Stacy and Grandma Deb. She looks so cozy in her Guh Guh's arms.

Happy Birthday, Mema!

Aunt Bonnie lives in Colorado, so it was her first time meeting Ella!

Aunt Connie and Julie were excited to see Miss Ella, too.

Aunt Connie and Aunt Bonnie gave Carter and Jay books and coloring books, so they were very entertained. They loved having Aunt Bonnie read to them.

It was so fun being with family and celebrating Mema! The KSU Men's basketball team happened to be at the same restaurant as we were. We had a lot of fun watching them....I am such a "people watcher". :)