Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween love the Flower Fairy and Policeman!

She loves her pretty costume!

This morning all dressed up for a fun day!
Grandma Deb sent these outfits for the kids.

Carter making a "mean Halloween" face. He was eating his Halloween breakfast-orange icing cinnamon rolls.

Carter standing by his classroom door this morning. The bat he made is the one with the blue nose.


Fall Fun

Yesterday we played in the leaves. Carter found this really big leaf!

raking leaves

Daddy and Carter worked on filling the pumpkin bags while...

Ella and I played. :)

Cute pumpkins!

Then we carved our pumpkin.

The boys scooping out the seeds.
I made these for Carter's 4 teachers and Miss Debbie while Daddy carved.

Carter and I finished the cupcakes he brought to his Halloween Party today!

The finished jack-o-lantern

Daddy and Carter picking out the seeds so we can plant them in the summer and try to grow our own next year...I will keep you posted on how that goes-ha!

Casey's Baby Shower

Casey is my best friend from Newton.
We can't wait for Miss Charlotte to come into the world someday soon!!
We celebrated her yesterday with a "Lil'Pumpkin" themed shower.

Casey in the middle surrounded by the hostesses


It's a Girl!

Casey looks wonderful for being full term!

Yummy "pumpkin" themed food
Thanks, Summer for sharing your talent! :)

It was such a fun shower!Casey was smiling the whole time! We can't wait to meet Charlotte!

Halloween Fun on Friday

IHOP was giving free funny faced pancakes to kids on Friday!
We met Jenny and Brody for dinner.
They gave the kids mini oreos, candy corn and whip cream to decorate their pancake.

Ella with her mouth full.

Then we headed to Holy Trinity for "Trunk or Treat"!

Ella spent most of her time in her stroller.

Carter and Brody getting candy!

It was a fun night! Carter came home with lots of candy!

Mema's 90th Birthday

Our Mema turned 90 on October 23rd. She is very special to us and we had a big family celebration in Manhattan for her. Lots of extended family members were able to join us!
Mema int he middle with her brother Benny and sister Ruth

We celebrated Uncle Tom's birthday, too. Carter and Jay helped blow out his candles.

Those silly boys!

My family!! :) It was nice to be with all of them!

Pappy and Guh Guh had brought Halloween treats for the kids!

Ella loved hers-especially her black kitty that purrs and her teddy graham crackers. :)
Carter loves his "monster" that dances to the Monster Mash!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Newton Pumpkin Patch

It is now an annual tradition to go the Pumpkin Patch in Newton!
We loved that all our family in the area were able to join us!!
We celebrated Devin's Birthday before we headed to the Pumpkin Patch. Yummy cupcakes!

We love the slide at the entrance to the pumpkin patch!
Here are Ella and Daddy...

and Carter...

and Ella and Daddy again! WEEE!
Guh Guh and Elaina...

Mommy and Ella..

and Aunt Stacy and Caden. So fun!

The kids playing in the corn kernals.
Dig, Dig, Digging!

Ha! Carter, Ella and Mommy

Ella on the tire swing

Carter and Jay doing the pumpkin slingshots

Daddy and Ella in the patch. It took us awhile to find the perfect pumpkin.
But Carter found it!

Daddy and Carter cutting it off the vine.

Jay, Carter and Ella with out load of pumpkins!

Carter and Jay have so much fun together!!

Miss Ella sure enjoyed the patch.

Our family of 4

Ryan and Jennifer with the kids

Out family! My parents with my brother and his family. (My younger brother was not in town-maybe next year).

Ryan's family!

And Guh Guh and Ella wanted to ride the slide one last time before we left.

We loaded up the car, kids and pumpkins and headed back to KC. It was a busy but fun weekend!