Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St. Patrick's Day in Newton, Lawrence and back home

We all wore GREEN! 
A Leprechaun visited Pappy and Guh Guh's house and left gold coins for Carter to find. He loved the game!

A few coins were left by his farm house.
                                Carter in his hat and Ella in her shamrocks!

So cute in her GREEN!
We met for donuts, again!!

On our way home, we met Uncle Kyle for lunch. Carter chose Burger King. When we first went to pick Kyle up, Lawrence was having their St. Patrick's Day Parade! So we got to see part of it. Carter loved it-especially seeing the firetrucks!

Then, we were HOME to OP. It was nice to be home...

Wednesday in Newton

Another morning trip to Drubers Donut Shop!

After nap time, we met at the park.

This girl loves to swing. Look at her cute shoes, too!

Happy Girl!

Cousins swinging!

The kids loved being outdoors!

After Pappy got home, he pulled the kids in the wagon. Ella was unsure at first,

but as the ride went on...

she got more comfortable...

and loved it!

Spring Break in Newton-Tuesday

Day 4 was spent playing, eatting lunch with Grandpa Ranny,Grandma Deb and Guh Guh at Applebees , shopping with Guh Guh and Grandma Deb. We went to Newton's Outlet Mall and to the feed store to see the baby chicks and puppies for sale .  Then, we went Cortez for dinner with Uncle Ryan, Aunt Jenni and Jay. It is a family favorite. My brothers always loved the "claw machines"...so of course Jay and Carter played them.

Carter and Jay won candy.

In front of the restaurant is a wishing well. We all made a wish!

It was a fun time with enjoying great Mexican food!

Spring Break in Newton-Day 3-Drubers and to feed the ducks

We had such a fun time in Newton!
We met Grandma Deb, Stacy and Caden for donuts. YUMMY!! This is the special table Carter always looks for. :)

Ella loved her donuts. Caden did not like them yet...but he will soon.

Then we met my mom and dad at Drubers for lunch!

I am sure they enjoyed their special lunch with us!

Happy girl with a full tummy.

After my mom got off work, we went to feed the ducks. However, the geese wanted all the food...in fact, one snapped at my mom's ankle!

Ella always enjoys time in the stroller! What a happy girl!!

Spring Break in Newton-Day 2- The Zoo

On the way, Carter was acting like he was a gorilla.

Jay's gorilla face.

First stop was the flamingos. They were beautiful. It was a cold day, so we had the boys bundled up. The zoo was not busy at all, which was so nice, too.

Carter and his chilly mommy.

Jay and his parents on the train ride.

The boys were scared at first of the moneys and gorillas, because they were so close. But they warmed up to them as we went along.

It was a fun trip! Carter's favorite animals to see were the green heads (Mallard ducks),  gorillas, bears and elephants...and all the animals.

Thanks to Grandpa Ranny and Grandma Deb for watching Ella so Guh Guh and I could take Carter and not have to take her out in the cold. :)

Spring Break in Newton- Day 1 -Saturday

SATURDAY-The Kids and I went to Newton over my break. It was nice to see our family!
Saturday we celebrated Jay's 3rd birthday! It was at a wonderful park in Wichita and we had SO MUCH FUN!!
Ella and Carter loved swinging together!

Carter enjoying one of many of the snow cones he ate!

Guh Guh and Jay having fun! Notice Jay's face-there was a face painter!!

Jay was so excited when he blew out all his candles. He jumped up saying,
 " I did it! I did it!"

The transformer pinata was so fun...and of course it was filled with candy!

Carter and Jay...such friends! They had a great time together.
Carter was a little nervous to get his faced painted, so he had a firetruck painted on his hand. Jay got a clown face.
Happy 3rd Birthday Jay Jay! We love you. Carter can't wait to play with his cousin again soon!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Grandma Gwen's Birthday

We all went to lunch. When we returned after the car ride, all the babies were asleep.
Carter is in back (the big cousin!) with Ella, Caden and Colt. It was fun to see them together. I can see them all playing together years from now...

Ella girl in her red
Grandma Gwen with her great-grand kids
Caden, Carter and Ella
And I am not sure how we ended up wrestling with Grandpa Ranny...
It was a fun weekend.
We went and stayed the night in Salina on Saturday night and then we all got together on Sunday. I know Grandma Gwen loved seeing everyone and having us all together.

Little Sisters ROCK

Ella's shirts says "Little Sisters Rock!"
Debbie and her family gave her the outfit for Valentine's Day.
Carter playing the piano
I love to see her "paying attention" to her brother.
Here is a picture of the whole outfit! It is SOOO Cute!

Carter and Mommy went to see the high school play Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. One of my second graders was is it. Then we met "Aunt" Casey for dinner. It was a fun time. Daddy and Ella stayed home...Ryan loves his baby girl.


Papa's 80th Birthday

We celebrated with a brunch at Nana and Papa's house on Sunday, Feb. 27th.
Papa with his great-grand kids
We all sang to him.
The kids liked the cupcakes
My messy eater
Nana even played "Happy Birthday" on the organ.
It was a fun celebration! I think Papa enjoyed being surrounded by his family who loves him! (And I know Aunt Patrice and her family from Texas were there in spirit).