Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

She's healthy!!

Ella went to have a swallow study done on Wednesday--and we had wonderful news!! The doctor, Jill's exact words were "She's healthy!" Yes, our baby is healthy and NOT ASPIRATING! Ryan and I were both there at the hospital at so happy.

We got to go in the room with her and stand and watch the tv to see the "continuous x-ray" being performed. We saw the path her liquids took down her throat. It was amazing to watch. There were about 10 people in the room: Radiologists, X-Ray tech, NICU nurse, speech pathologists, 2 student nurses...they were all very pleased with the study and the progress Ella has made.

After the study, we went up to the NICU. I had not been in the hospital, in the elevator, down that hallway, in that waiting room....in months. I felt like I lived there for so long...but had not been back in such a long time...it was weird. What was amazing was that all 3 of our primary nurses were working!! We got to see and hug Kim, Alisha and Sandy. They each wanted to hold her and could not believe how big, verbal and happy Ella was. It was so good to see them. They had became such a big part of our lives...I (and Ella) were so happy to talk with them.

The hospital has remodeled and the labor and delivery rooms had moved, so the hallway to the NICU was totally empty. I had Alisha call, but Becky (my delivery nurse) was not working. Denise was there, but not able to come visit. Next time, we hope to see them, too.

This week has been great. She is eating a bottle like a normal baby. She was spitting up a lot more, but I think he stomach has adjusted to "no thickener" and she is not spitting up as much today.

Our prayers are answered each day...we are so blessed and Ella has BLOOMED into a wonderful, happy, healthy almost 8 month year-old.

We will go to the pediatrician in about 2 weeks and talk to her about cereal/baby food....oh boy!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Snow cones

I turned around...and Daddy was giving Ella her first taste of a snow cone. (Remember- she has NEVER tried anything besides my milk or formula)...

She took one bite...

and then grabbed for another bite!

She didn't know what to think about the cold, tasty thing...she even has blue syrup on her chin.

Some of the neighbor kids and parents came for a snow cone, too! Here all their colored tongues. Carter likes to have a mix of all the colors.

Thanks for  letting us borrow your snow cone machine, dad!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nana's 80th Birthday

My Nana, who lives here in Overland Park, will turn 80 on Thursday, Sept. 23rd. We celebrated with her family and friends during an Open House on Sunday.
My mom and Ella (in her PARTY dress). I loved the colors in her dress and then finding the leggings and shoes to match...

My mom, Lainy and Ella serving the sherbet punch!

We gave Nana a special gift. It was picture of all her great-grand kids :)

Nana surrounded by 4 of the 5 great-grand kids

Singing Happy Birthday!

Carter and Jay helped Nana blow out her candles!

Jay and his cake-both chocolate and white.

Uncle Kyle with Jay and Carter

Our family with Papa

The two girls-Lainy and Ella Brooke

Ella LOVES her Aunt Jennifer
It was so fun celebrating with family and friends. There were a lot of people who were able to come and help make our Nana's day extra special.

The kids excitement...was my Papa's MG car

The kids "IN" the MG Car

Carter's driving--hold on!!

We love you so much, Nana!! Happy 80th!!

McDonald's with Pappy

Carter cannot wait for Pappy to come and take him to McDonald's for breakfast!! It was so much fun this week to have Devin, Lainy and Jay come, too.

He always gets the " big breakfast with pancakes"...Pappy eats his left overs. :)

Westgate Street Block Party

Carter and Emily
Daddy (great picture!) and Ella eating
It was starting to sprinkle, so the kids ate under the table!

It was so fun to visit with so many neighbors! Delicious food, great weather...even the sprinkles didn't ruin the night!

Happy Birthday, Emery!

Carter, Brody and Emery at Jumpin' Jax (Indoor Play place)
Waiting for treats!!
Eating Cupcakes! (He is his Mommy's child...we have never met a dessert we didn't like!)
Playing and having fun on the slide!
Pretty girl strapped in ready to go home.

Thanks for a fun time, Emery!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Aunt Stacy, Uncle Chris and Caden came for a visit on Saturday. It was fun to see them and Caden is getting so big!!  Here is a picture of Ryan with Ella and Caden

Ella and Mommy in her pretty purple outfit that Aunt Stacy brought her.

We went to lunch, and both of them were great and stayed in their seats the whole time!

Ella's Purple Pride

There was another KSU game on Saturday! Ella was decked out in her purple!!
She even her purple shoes!!

Carter and Emily

Emily and Carter have been at daycare (Debbie's House) since they were newborns. Emily and her family also lives across the street. They are great friends and often seem like brother and sister.
She went with us on Friday to our Church Fun Fair!

They loved the Mickey Mouse bounce house. We were in line to ride the train, but it started to lightening and rain, so we ran for our car. We got home right as the storm hit.

Under Carter's fish umbrella getting ready to walk Emily home.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

8 months

It is so hard to believe my baby is 8 months. She has grown so much physically and developmentally. I am so proud of her!! My mom looked in my baby book and she is about the same size that I was at about 6 months.

This month, Ella did some great things! She found her feet, rolled over and now rolls over often,  she loves her jumper and exsersaucer, is almost sitting up on her own, babbles more, sleeps through the night, laughs a lot, loves her brother...and we all love her!! She is officially wearing 3-6 months clothes and I love dressing her up-especially in PINK!

Miss Ella, we love you and can't imagine our life without you. You are a "Dream come True."

Happy Birthday Brody!!

Emery, Brody and Carter
Carter loves dessert/cupcakes...just like his mommy!
Brody's birthday was so much fun. It was at a park...great weather, pizza and cupcakes. What more could you need?
Daddy and Ella. Please notice Ella's party dress-with Popsicle designs on it.

First time swinging-and she LOVED it!

Ella has found her feet...

...and she loves her feet!!!

GO Cats!

K-State had their first football game on Saturday. We were all decked out in our purple!!

My dad got Ella her first little KSU outfit. He went to a KSU basketball game one night right after she was born. I remember still being in the hospital and him calling and telling my mom and I about the little KSU polo style dress he had got for her. He was so excited....he is a proud grandpa!
Carter, Daddy and I sure enjoyed the game...especially since it was a WIN!