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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

She's healthy!!

Ella went to have a swallow study done on Wednesday--and we had wonderful news!! The doctor, Jill's exact words were "She's healthy!" Yes, our baby is healthy and NOT ASPIRATING! Ryan and I were both there at the hospital at so happy.

We got to go in the room with her and stand and watch the tv to see the "continuous x-ray" being performed. We saw the path her liquids took down her throat. It was amazing to watch. There were about 10 people in the room: Radiologists, X-Ray tech, NICU nurse, speech pathologists, 2 student nurses...they were all very pleased with the study and the progress Ella has made.

After the study, we went up to the NICU. I had not been in the hospital, in the elevator, down that hallway, in that waiting room....in months. I felt like I lived there for so long...but had not been back in such a long time...it was weird. What was amazing was that all 3 of our primary nurses were working!! We got to see and hug Kim, Alisha and Sandy. They each wanted to hold her and could not believe how big, verbal and happy Ella was. It was so good to see them. They had became such a big part of our lives...I (and Ella) were so happy to talk with them.

The hospital has remodeled and the labor and delivery rooms had moved, so the hallway to the NICU was totally empty. I had Alisha call, but Becky (my delivery nurse) was not working. Denise was there, but not able to come visit. Next time, we hope to see them, too.

This week has been great. She is eating a bottle like a normal baby. She was spitting up a lot more, but I think he stomach has adjusted to "no thickener" and she is not spitting up as much today.

Our prayers are answered each day...we are so blessed and Ella has BLOOMED into a wonderful, happy, healthy almost 8 month year-old.

We will go to the pediatrician in about 2 weeks and talk to her about cereal/baby food....oh boy!!

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