Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tour de NICU

 One of my NICU volunteer friends, Renee. created the Tour de NICU in honor of her daughter, Daphney who is in heaven. She was born one of four babies...and the three others are healthy three-year-olds here on earth.
Tour de NICU is a 20, 40 and 60 mile bike ride that stops at NICUs in the area.
My three friends and I were at the Children's Mercy South Stop. We gave the fruit and water that were donated by the hospital to the riders. We were there to THANK them for riding. All the money raised will go to the St. Luke's NICU volunteer group.
 All 5 of the babies pictured were born prematurely.
Carter and Ella sitting by their 'chalk signs' saying they were born prematurely.
Carter LOVED seeing the riders!!
We were so happy there was good weather on Saturday morning!!

Muffins with Mom

On Thursday, Carters Ladybug Class celebrated their Moms with Muffins with Mom.

 They sang a song about Moms to the tune of Jesus Loves Me.
 He made me a special heart. It says, " I love my mom because she buys me things."
I LOVE those hands.
 I loved the heart sign they made.Carter's hands are on the bottom left, under the 'H'.
Cooper, Carter, Michael and Manuel-Friends from Ladybugs!

March for Babies 2012

As you know, March of Dimes is an amazing organization!! We are thankful for all they have done for us as a family.

We celebrated March for Dimes by participating for March for Babies last Sunday.
It was an amazing experience...to see so many babies all in one place that had a rough start that are now healthy!!

Our family!! We were so glad Guh Guh joined us!!!
 Carter was excited to see the STAR WARS characters there!!
 Here are part of our Friends of St. Luke's TEAM.
Kathleen, Carrie, Julie, Sarah and I volunteer. We all had babies prematurely and now volunteer at the NICU.
Nurse Alisha and her family were part of our TEAM, too!!
 Then the rain started.....and we got really wet.
We decided to keep the kids out of the rain so Ryan and I quickly jogged the March for Babies route while my mom and kids sat in an ambulance out of the rain.
The ambulance was there for kids to tour and look at....Carter LOVE sitting in it!!
 Ryan and I really wet after the walk in front of the Sprint Center. 
 Our family enjoying the event....in the rain.
At the registration booth they handed out beads of different colors.
We wore purple symbolizing we were walking in honoring of a premature baby.
There were green beads symbolizing heart defect, silver beads honoring a baby that is in heaven and yellow  beads that stood for a full term baby that had a rough start.
It was so AMAZING to see....I know my mom and I were both touched by seeing all the parents wearing the beads.
Little Miss Independent-even in the rain
We were SO GLAD Guh Guh came to walk with us!
Little did we know how much we would need her, due to the rain!!
We ended the day with lunch in the covered area at Power and Light.

THANK YOU to everyone for supporting our walk!! A special thank you to:
Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Curt, Aunt Connie and Uncle John, Grandma Gwen, Linda Klaassen and family, Nana and Papa, Guh Guh and Pappy, the Hemke Gang, Judy and Tom Hendrick, Grandma Ruth Ann, Aunt Patrice, Uncle Robert, and cousins Natalie and Ashley, Jeff, Karla, Brooke and Bailey Waters, Nurse Alisha and her family and my moms cousins George, Jerry and Kerrie, Sharon, Jim and Pam....and ALL the others who supprted us with warm thoughts and prayers!! We appreciate you and thank you for  helping us raise over $600!

Catching Up

This is a 'catch up' post. :) I have too many things I want to show you.
Ella has WILD morning hair-Ha! We blame her grandpas for it.

 Carter had a fun time at Alexander's Birthday.
Alexander and Carter are new friends from school.
 It was his first time bowling! He did great.
 We got in our PJ's and went to the drive to see PIRATES.
We let Carter choose the movie.
 I would have to say Ella's favorite part was the buckets of popcorn.
 We hit the annual $2.99 hanging basket sale.
Thank you to the Southerlands Store.
Ryan and I went on a much needed date night to celebrate Meg's birthday.
Dinner, movie and dessert with friends--so fun.
 Baby Emma came for a quick visit.
Aunt Stacy and Grandma Deb came with Emma to KC for a wedding shower.
 Carter was studying the Earth. The class was deciding how they were going to help keep the Earth clean. Carter said he was going to help by picking up garbage.
 Guh Guh came in for a visit and treated us to dessert-YUMMY!
Ella loved the cupcakes and ice cream!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last Week

 Carter had MIS-MATCH day at school! His shorts and shirt were on backwards, he wore his "sleep socks" that go up to his knees and his crocs. He looked silly!
We met friends for ice cream. 
Ella licked her bowl clean-Ha! 

 Carter went to the dentist and had no cavities!!
Ella the messy eater!!