Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friday , May 13th

Our family...on what was to be "family picture day..." which did not happen.
(We had to reschedule due to rain).
We will look color-coordinated for the pictures...when the new date arrives. :)

That afternoon, we had wedding rehearsal for Lauren and Chris. Lauren, aka Duce, and are wonderful friends from KSU. We were Tri Deltas together. I have lots of fun memories with Lauren and Summer!
Here is Carter and I at rehearsal. How special it was to be in the wedding with my boy!!
I was honored when Carter was asked to be the ring bearer!
Chris' nieces Mia and Erin were the flower girls.

Lauren was all smiles! Here is a picture of her with her dad walking her down the aisle at rehearsal.

Chris, Lauren, Hayden and Summer. Hayden is Summer's little guy!!
Summer and I were Lauren's Matron of Honors!!

The bridesmaids at the delicious rehearsal dinner at Herford House!!

It was so much fun being part of Lauren's bridal party!!

First T-ball practice

The first t-ball practice was cancelled due to the rain. So, here are pictures of the first official practice!

Daddy and Carter right before they left. Ahhh, I hope Carter loved baseball as much as his daddy. :)

Daddy and Carter left for practice, and Ella and I finished dinner before going to watch them.
Look at Ella's BIG Girl teeth! She has 4 in on top and two on the bottom.

Carter and Will at practice. ( I told them to show me their mitts, and they did this!)
As soon as they saw each other, they ran and showed each other their cleats!

Lined up watching and listening to Coach D'Von (Walter's dad).
We can't wait for the first game!!

Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was made special by these two and their daddy.

I love being their Mommy!!

We hope all our grandmas and great-grandmas had a very special day, too!!

Brentlee's First Birthday

Brentlee is our neighbor. His older brother, Walter is one of Carter's friends.
Brentlee LOVED his cake!  
Carter and Ella loved to play with their toys.

And Ella loved trying out Brentlee's birthday present!

It was a fun party with a monkey cake and good BBQ to eat!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

May Day at Debbie's House

The kids at Debbie's House love doing their "preschool lessons". Debbie is so great with them! Yesterday they celebrate May Day. I walked in as they were walking around the "May Pole" and singing!

I loved seeing their May Day hats!

Carter and Tball

Carter is playing T-ball. He is supposed to have his first practice tonight. I am not sure if he will, because it is raining.
Last night we went and bought him cleats!

I think this is just the beginning....:)

Celebrating Lauren

We went to Weston, MO to celebrate Lauren's upcoming wedding.
Can I just say it was AMAZING!!
First, there was beautiful weather! Secondly, it was so relaxing.
And last-it was a wonderful time with friends!!
We went to lunch and sat outside.

We had fun wine tasting.

Then we got a few bottles and enjoyed them outside the winery.

We gave Lauren "bachelorette" gifts...

and had a fancy, up-scale dinner.
And then for the night life we went to the local pub. It goes 60 feet below the ground...very cool!
the weekend was just what I needed!!

Family Date Night at the Drive-In

The drive-in was SO fun and we will definitely do it again!
We saw the movie HOP. Carter loved it and the popcorn.
We took baths before we went, so the kids are in their PJ's.

Ella spent a lot of her time playing with the steering wheel on daddy's lap.

(I look sooo tired and awful!) Me and my boy!

Daddy and his girl!

Easter Sunday

We woke up early to see what the Easter Bunny had left for the kids in their baskets!
The bunny even left his white feet prints to follow through the house. (Thanks for the tradition, Mom!)
Here is Carter with his "crazy morning hair" looking at what the East Bunny left him.

Here is Ellie with her goodies!

Carter is looking at the bunny footprints that were left.

Ella loves her pink tea set bath toys!

Then we got ready for Easter Mass.
We met Pappy and Guh Guh at Mass.

Ella in her pretty dress

Here we are at Mass

The kids with Pappy and Guh Guh

After Mass, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and went to the house.

Back home after Mass!
We then took long, relaxing naps before heading over to Nana's four our delicious meal. My Uncle Chris is an AMAZING cook! His prime rib was delicious!!

Four generations of GIRLS!

Uncle Kyle brought Carter a sticker book. He loved it! They spent a lot of time together working on it.

We had another Egg Hunt at Papa and Nana's House.

Uncle Kyle with the kids after the eggs were all found by Carter.

Nana could not wait to see what Carter had found in the eggs!

Ella got a book from Uncle Kyle, too. She loved it.

My silly family (minus Ryan's family).
The Easter of 2011 was fun and relaxing.
*Last Easter, Ella had been home from the hospital just 2 days.