Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Carter goes to "daycare" in the morning with Miss Andrea and Miss Erin.
He has cried every morning when I drop him off...poor boy.

He started "Preschool" on Monday with Miss Pierce and Miss Kovich.
He was so nervous for preschool.
I went over to the preschool (across the street from my school) to help him carry his school supplies and to walk him in his first day.
They lined up in the hall and waited patiently.

Walking in the line to his classroom.

He met Simon and a few other friends.

Looking so big...on his first day.
He was hesitant about me leaving, so I waited for a few minutes in the hall before leaving.

And I am sad to say, he was so nervous he wet his pants. Poor guy. They luckily had a spare set of clothes for him to put on.

I am happy to say his second day-today-was great! :)

Sunday Fun Day

We went to the Mall after church.
Pappy took Carter to the play place.


Miss Ella had fun, too.


Then, we had neighbor kids over for SNOW CONES!!

Carter set up tables and chairs for the kids area.

Ella loved the blue one.

The kids!

Pappy feeding Ella another snow cone.

The kids set up a baseball game. Carter put on his fireman boots for the occasion.

My big hitter!

Safety Day at Deanna Rose

Checking out the Children's Mercy ambulance

In the driver's seat

Carter in the rescue boat


Sitting in the driver's seat

It was a fun morning! We were glad Pappy and Guh Guh were in town to go with us.
Ella slept through all of it.

After Deanna Rose, we met Kyle at my house.
He was in KC for a fast trip.

Ella liked playing ball.

Then we were off to lunch.

Ella fed Pappy french fries.

The boys got chocolate custard cones. YUM!

Ella got to have a few licks

and Carter made a mess. :)

Go Chiefs!

Jenny called Friday afternoon at 4pm. She had just got 4 tickets to Friday's nights game...which started in 3 hours.
Their Daddy could not go, and ours couldn't.

So the Mommy's and the boys went.
Fun pic with the Chief's Stadium in the distance.

The boys in our seats

Silly boys

Mommy and Carter

They got to choose one treat-and got snowcones

He loved the game! Mommy loved being with him.

Pictures of the week

Carter and Lucky. He needed a picture for a project at school, so we had to take one. :)

Carter and Miss Andrea. She is fun and we to KSU!

Carter and Miss Erin. She has 2 little boys and Carter really likes her, too.

Daddy was gone, so we had a picnic dinner. Carter chose the menu-chips and grilled cheese

After the picture of Ella and Carter, she was saying, "cheese, cheese". (She wanted to be in more pictures). So of course I took a close up of her!

Carter's Special Gift

Nana and Papa gave Carter a special gift for starting school. It is a medal of St. Joseph and Jesus. It is on a chain for his to wear. VERY SPECIAL!!
 He will wear is proudly knowing it is from his Nana and Papa.

Ethan's 1st birthday

Baby Ethan turned one! Ethan is Emily's little brother. They live across the street from us and go to Debbie's House, too.
Posing with the cute sign in his yard.

Carter (Navy shirt) and Emily (black and pink dress) loved the bounce house.

Ethan did not know what to think about his cake at first, but he soon dug into it.

Ethan (in red-he had to change after the cake mess) and Ella (in black shirt) loved the bounce house, too.

It was a fun party and beautiful night!!

First Full Day

First Full Day...ready or not!
He had his pillow case with fuzzy, robot blanket (from Debbie's house) inside.
He brought his lunch, too. (He was not ready for school lunch, yet).

Sunday, August 21, 2011

More first day

Daddy took a few pics on his camera,too. 
Carter and Mommy.
It was my first day with students, too.

Side profile of his backpack-Fireman Sam!

My big boy

In front of his school

Outside his ladybugs classroom

Walking down the hall to Miss Liz's room.

Playing before we left.

We are so glad he has adjusted well and is loving it!