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Monday, August 8, 2011

Crowne Center

We love Crowne Center! It provides a whole day of FREE Fun!!
We went with Brody and his Mommy Jenny.
We started the day at Kaleidoscope-my favorite place!!
It is owned by Hallmark and it has different art activities throughout the room.  
The first stop for the boys was painting visors.
Then Carter enjoyed making a card and using scissors.

Carter and Ella used markers to design their puzzle...

and then took their design to the machine that cut it into puzzle pieces! Carter even got to turn the big wheel to cut the pieces!

And he made a flag...

and painted with neon paint in the glow-in-the-dark room.

So much fun!!
Then we headed outside to get wet!

Ella loved the big fountains!

And the boys did, too.

After changing into dry clothes we headed to the Rain Forest exhibit.
Ella coming out of the tunnel.
The kids sitting with the gorilla family.

Carter dressed up by himself as an explorer! He put on the explorer vest, flashlight,binoculars,ropes...so cute!!
Then we headed to the candy store.


The boys with their bags of candy!

It was a fun day with perfect weather!!

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