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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Newton-Part 2

McDonald's Breakfast at the house

3 red heads in the back of the car

Feeding ducks

It was a beautiful, cool morning

We then headed to the park. My kids loved being pushed in the swings by Guh Guh.

Ella laughing

Jay Jay loved to climb on the slides

Carter thought this looked like a fire man's ladder :)

Aunt Marilyn came from Wichita for a visit! We were happy to see her.

A morning a Drubers, the donut shop

Swimming in the pool with goggles

Caden and Aunt Stacy joined us for a swim. Poor Ella could not come out, since she can't get her forehead wet for awhile.

Friday night we went to the 4-H Fair in Newton

We rode lots of rides...the cars

Ryan, my bother, and Jay Jay rode the Farris Wheel

Driving the train

Pappy got the boys snow cones-YUMMY!

I rode on the tilt-a-whirl with Carter and Jay

And the last ride of the night was the horses

Carter had so much fun, that he talked Grandpa Ranny into taking him back again on Saturday night!
He was definitely spoiled in Newton. :)

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