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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Carter goes to "daycare" in the morning with Miss Andrea and Miss Erin.
He has cried every morning when I drop him off...poor boy.

He started "Preschool" on Monday with Miss Pierce and Miss Kovich.
He was so nervous for preschool.
I went over to the preschool (across the street from my school) to help him carry his school supplies and to walk him in his first day.
They lined up in the hall and waited patiently.

Walking in the line to his classroom.

He met Simon and a few other friends.

Looking so big...on his first day.
He was hesitant about me leaving, so I waited for a few minutes in the hall before leaving.

And I am sad to say, he was so nervous he wet his pants. Poor guy. They luckily had a spare set of clothes for him to put on.

I am happy to say his second day-today-was great! :)

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