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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fearless Girl

Ella is a fast moving, wild girl.
I was so sad when my angel face got a huge, deep cute that required a trip to the doctor. (We had been playing in the sprinkler and Ella was wet, the steps were wet and she feel down them...)
Poor girl! This was the actual cut after they cleaned her up at the doctors office.

Dr. Stuppy thought the glue stitches were the best for Ella in this situation because the normal stitches would live a "railroad" type scar...and we wanted to avoid that. (This picture is of her with the glue stitches).

She was a happy girl once again after leaving the doctor's office and a little nap. :)

Dr. Stuppy told me that the only thing to think about was IF Ella would happen to tear open the same spot, she would not be able to glue stitch it again or do the normal stitches. She also said that it rarely happens...but you know ELLA the FEARLESS!
We were in Newton at my parents' house. We were putting window clings on the window...and Ella feel and hit the same spot. OUCH!

Poor girl!
I quickly called Dr. Stuppy's office and they said the only thing to do now was the get sterile strips and tape it shut.
So, for the next two weeks Ella will have dried glue with 5 strips of tape over it on her forehead.
I am praying it will not leave a scar on my precious, baby girl's face. 

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  1. Poor Miss Ella :(((( We will say a prayer.