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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Newton-Part 3

Tractor Pull, Hay dive from money, turtle race, parade...what a fun day!!

Jay competed in the Tractor Pull...Carter said maybe next year.

Jay Jay digging for coins in the hay

Carter digging away! He found $1.55 in change.

Mommy and Ella...notice her cute turtle shirt.

On a big tractor

Caden came to watch the turtle race. Next year, we hope him and Ella have turtles to race!

And they are off...Willie is Carter's turtle...he was slow...

but we had fun. Jay's turtle was Rocky and it did not win, either.

These boys love each other. (Since Pappy and Grandpa Ranny sponsor the turtle race, we boys could not wear their t-shirts until after the race was over).

The boys with Pappy and the turtles.

I guess I did not take pictures of the parade. Carter got a few handfuls of candy. He was happy.
It was a great end to our trip to Newton!

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  1. Wonderful pictures!!! Carter and Jay look so much older, and Ella too!! She has alot more hair! Such sweethearts! :) Great memories for everyone!