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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Last week of summer

Our last week of Summer was great.
We loved our daddy being home with us all week!!
We decided to take Daddy to Wonderscope...

He got to see Dr. Carter

and Ella slide.
Carter enjoyed brushing the cow at the Farm and Market.

The kids loved the art room! Daddy helped Ella draw...

and Carter painted his face.

The kids always love the water room...they love to get wet and make splashes.

Fun on the slide!

Playing in the ball room...

more, more and more balls to play with!

After playing, we decided to go to a special lunch at Fritz's Train Restaurant.

Carter calling in his order.

The boys in their train conductor hats!

Miss Ella in her hat...that stayed on about 2 seconds.

Carter was excited when the train brought our food! He got to take it off the tray.

It was a spacial day for all 4 of us. :)

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