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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Special Day of a LAST and a FIRST

Last Day at Debbie's House.
(Ella will still be there and she is our neighbor, so we will see her a lot).
I was a little teary eyed leaving there. We are SO lucky to have her care for our kids.
She loves them like her own. Her family is great.
We love them!!
Carter will Miss Debbie, her family, Emily, Annie, Evan, Ethan Thomas and Ethan James.
But we will see them when we pick up Ella. :)
And we are glad they are there for Ella to play with.

Then we went...

First time School Supply Shopping!!
He chose a Cars folder and a Transformers folders.
He also got a blue binder and a red binder, blue scissors, and then the rest of the items on the list (crayons, colored pencils, markers, kleenex, clorox wipes, glue bottle, glue sticks...)
He also chose a plain blue lunchbox, because we can't find one he really likes. He wants to find a doctor, police or fireman lunchbox....so if you see one...let me know. :)
It was our first REAL experience shopping with a list for school. :)

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