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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Carter's First Day of School

In the car and EXCITED!
Daddy and Carter picked out what he was going to wear the night before. :)
He got new NIKE school shoes, too.

In the parking lot on the way in with Daddy.

Carter standing outside the front doors with his backpack on and his lunchbox in hand.

Standing outside his ladybug themed classroom.

He was happy and playing by the time we left.
No tears...just smiles. :)

His school is just across the street from mine. It is part of Holy Trinity.
He goes into a room in the early morning with all the early kids and plays there until his teacher comes and gets all the ladybugs. His early morning teacher is Miss Liz.
He then goes to the ladybug room with Miss Andrea and Miss Erin. (He loves them already).
He will stay in the ladybug room all morning, and then move to his actual preschool room for the afternoons. (Preschool does not start until Aug. 30, so right now he stays with Miss Andrea and Miss Erin all day).

Fun things from his first few days:
* I picked him up the first day, he ran to me and gave me a huge hug saying, " Mom, it was the BEST DAY EVER!" He loved it and it melted my heart.
* He met his first friends, Ethan and Cooper.
* He loves recess. The school is very close to train tracks, so each day he tells me how many trains he saw/heard.
* He really likes his backpack. Guh Guh ordered it on-line special for him. It is of Fireman Sam.
* He colored a ladybug and has a cubbie where he puts his lunchbox and papers
* My school ended at noon Wednesday and Thursday, so I picked him up and we went to lunch together.
* Friday was his first day staying all day. He didn't mind taking a nap (he thought he would not like it) and even fell asleep.
* I think we will be packing a lunch most days....he is a picky eater.
* Mommy is happy to ride to and from work each day with him.
* We are so glad he Loves school!!

And while he is at school....
Mommy with be at school with these 2nd graders. I think they are going to be a fun group!!

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