Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

St. Patrick's Day in Lawrence

Last year Carter remembers seeing the Lawrence parade as we were picking up Uncle Kyle for lunch.
So this year he asked to go to the Lawrence parade.
Carter watching the parade on Uncle Kyle's shoulders.

Carter got down and then Ella got on his shoulders.
 Then we went to a cupcake place. It was delicious!
Carter and Kyle chose Peanut Butter Cupcakes!
Yummy PB!

Brody decorated his with lots of candy!

Ella and Kyle
 Walking back to our car after the parade and treat :)
Holding hands-so cute!

KC Command

My friend Jenny has connections. :)
She got 6 free tickets to the KC Command's home opener.
The Command is KC's indoor arena football league.

Here are Brody and Carter (standing in the back) checking out the mascot.

Brody and Carter

The boys at the game

The boys had to get treats-- slushies and cotton candy.

Here comes EMMA!

Stacy went into labor a few weeks early.
We got to stay at their house and watch Caden!
The kids and I LOVED it!!
Caden and Ella having fun in the tub!

Silly and wet!

Caden is quite the back floater.
(Ella was holding his feet).
After the bath, we got cozy on the couch and almost everyone fell asleep.

This little Miss was born overnight.

We went to Wichita the next day and saw them in the hospital on the way out of town.

Carter, Ella and  Emma with Mommy and Aunt Stacy
Ella was very interested in the baby

She liked seeing her up-close

My kids with Emma.
Caden visited for the first time later that night.

Welcome to the world, Emma!

Spring Break in Newton 2012

Donuts at Drubers! YUMMY!

And more donuts....

Yard work with Pappy.
Feeding the ducks.

 Carter was very cautious.
She really enjoyed seeing the ducks up close.
Swinging at the park.
I was so glad Guh Guh was there to help push them. :)

 Picnic breakfast with Guh Guh
Digging at the park

And more swinging...

Grandma Deb (and Stacy and Caden) came to the park one day, too!

Carter thought having a car with a sunroof was SO FUN.
Here we were waiting for our drinks at SONIC, so I let him stick his head out. :)

Jay's 4th Birthday

Jay's party was AWESOME!
It was held at the Bug Academy in Wichita (where they live).
Jay was SO EXCITED to be 4!
He loved his presents.
The kids got to make GOO in a bag. Elaina helped Ella squish hers.
Ella LOVED following the pig around.
It was trained to be an inside pig. HA!

Ella thought since the party was a bug party-she would dress up like a ladybug!

Do you think it was too much?

Carter enjoyed looking at all the different bugs, animals and reptiles!
This place was SO COOL!

Ella liked the bunny and tried to pet it.

At the end of the party, Jay got to paint a picture using a cockroach!

Ella gathered all our bags-she is ready to go!
Happy Birthday, JAY JAY!!

Baby Shower for Aunt Stacy

We are ALL EXCITED to meet Emma!
Stacy is due early April.
We showered her with LOTS of owls and LOTS of PINK!

The shower was at Aunt Marilyn's home in Wichita.
She is the best host!! She made delicious food and treats!!

We can't wait to meet Baby Emma!

Showered with beautiful gifts and a glowing Mama!

My friend Summer made the diaper cake for me. She does a great job!
I used it for a game. The guests had to guess how many diapers were used to create the cake.
(Most of the people were WAY off-it was pretty funny).

So exciting and lots of FUN!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The start of Spring Break


being cozy...

Carter celebrated St. Patrick's Day at preschool the week before.
They had a contest to see who was wearing the most green.
The girl who won spray painted her hair and had shamrock stickers all over her body.
Carter also was in charge of the class snack bag that day.

We made these little treats for his teachers.

We had much with friends

and played outside since it was a beautiful day!
This celebrated the beginning of our Spring Break!!