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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cute Valentine Cards

I MUSTACHE you a Question.
Will you be my valentine?
(Carter made this in his preschool class for Mommy and Daddy).
We LOVED it!!

Go ahead, be a HEART BREAKER.
We made these as the craft during his class party.
I gave each child 2 hearts.
They colored one side of each heart and then I glued them together.
The middle (between the two hearts) was filled with m&ms.
Carter gave it to Daddy to rip open and the candy flew everywhere.
Daddy was his "heart breaker"!

Carter received this Valentine from Drew.
It has Starburst candy attached.

These were from Blake and they were darling!
They were "superman" valentines with a cape.
The tootsie roll pop even had a mask on it.

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