Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be Mine

I love my family.
We have a good heart day together.
We had a fun night with good food and dessert!
 YUMMY gelato (ice cream) it was delicious!
 They got some darling bears from Guh Guh and Pappy.
I found these fun lip suckers and knew they would like them.
 HA! I love those lips...
 brother and sister having fun...
 so fun!
 Carter gave us an adorable card he made at preschool and a neat candle.
They somehow drew designs on the outside of the candle and wrote, " I love you".
So special.

I love my love bugs!

Valentine's Day Parties

Carter made this MONSTER BOX to collect his valentines.
He was absent from school when they made them in-class on Monday. (He was not feeling well).
 But his teacher was nice enough to email me and have me come pick up the supplies from her so he would not feel left out at the party.
So we made it at home on Monday night.

 Here Carter is with his box

I helped with Carter's Valentines Party. My station was the craft station.
Here are pictures of the groups:
Carter, Isabella, Lynox, Cooper, Blake and Brooklyn

Elizabeth, Manuel, Lila, Stella, Luke and Drew

Simon, Haili, Audrey, Maya and Edgar
Anna was absent from school.

The kids went to treat (decorating sugar cookies) and game centers ( fishing and  bean bag throw), too.

 Then the kids played music chairs.
I love seeing my happy boy in this picture.
It was a wild and crazy party!!

Ella had a party too. She exchanged valentines with her buddies at Debbie's House.

SOOO cute in the Valentine attire!!
Ella, Charlotte and Lucy

Charlotte is ADORABLE!!

Carter and Ella with their valentine bags!
It was a fun day for them!

Random LOVE

Ella LOVES her daddy. She runs to him and starts yelling, " Da Da, Da Da, Da Da" as soon as he walks in the door. She loves to put on his hat right after he gets home, too.

 We went to Chick-fil-a for FREE breakfast on Saturday. It was so good-seriously.
Carter LOVED the cow and ran right up to him, watched it out the window, gave it five... Ella was afraid of him and started crying.
We went to Toys R Us...Ella LOVES this pink jeep. :)

I LOVE this girl and dressing her up!


 LOVE her outfit she wore on Monday-complete with the pink boots!
We made cupcakes to take to daycare for their Valentine's Day Party.
Ella LOVES to help me bake and always wants to stir.

Yummy-she LOVES to lick the beaters, too.

The kids LOVE when Daddy messes with them and gives them rides.
Ella starts saying, "again, again."

This boy and his daddy have a special bond.
I Love these two boys in my life. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Making Valentines

Carter chose race car valentines this year to pass out to his classmates.

He had to write their name on his on every one. We did a few a day throughout the last week.

He made a painted heart at school.

He also made a hot air balloon at school.

 A close up picture.
Ella worked hear on Valentines, too. I drew a heart and she colored it in. :)
She gave donut (Krispy Kreme) Valentines and bubbles to her friends at daycare.

Super Bowl

Patriots vs. Giants
We just happened to have a hand-me-down jersey from a friend for Carter to wear.
 He thought it was SO COOL!
Two Buddies
Brody and his parents came to our house to watch the game.

Jersey boys :)

I had bought some football little sculptures for the boys to paint.
I was afraid they would get their jerseys dirty, so I made them paint shirtless.

 Carter had been discussing the super bowl in class all week.
They even made this Super Bowl decoration.
Ella wears pigtails these days! She loves to have bows in her hair.

Much NEEDED date night

It was fun for it to be just us- just for a bit.
Thanks, Mom for watching the kids.
Loved the good food, dessert, and being with my husband. :)

Celebrating a BABY GIRL

Summer is expecting something PINK in April.
Big Brother Hayden (almost 2) is very excited!
 We cannot wait.
We got together to celebrate a few weeks ago.
Her sister threw a gorgeous shower with a delicious lunch!
It was extra special because my mom was invited, too.
This little Miss will be a STATE fan!

The gifts were adorable!

The ladies that were able to attend.
Aren't the flowers beautiful?!
Summer with her Mom and Sister.
They are very excited because this is the FIRST GIRL grandchild.
Me. Summer and Lauren with our MOMS!

We can't wait to meet Baby GIRL Evans!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Someone New at Daycare

We have been waiting for her to come. Debbie had been talking to all the kids about her.
Then the day arrived Charlotte Came to Debbie's house!
(Charlotte is Casey's daughter. Casey is my bff from Newton).
My Girl and Charlotte

Baby Charlotte and 'Aunt' Megan
Do you think Casey minds if I take a photo shoot with her baby girl??

Lucy Land, Charlotte Zillner and Ella with Miss Debbie
Lucy's Mom, Charlotte's Mom and I were all close friends 7th grade-high school. It is fun to see them again almost daily!!
We had to move Ella a little to the right so we could see Charlotte's face...

and then we couldn't get Ella to look at the camera.
Oh well, the girls and Debbie all look cute!!