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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Someone New at Daycare

We have been waiting for her to come. Debbie had been talking to all the kids about her.
Then the day arrived Charlotte Came to Debbie's house!
(Charlotte is Casey's daughter. Casey is my bff from Newton).
My Girl and Charlotte

Baby Charlotte and 'Aunt' Megan
Do you think Casey minds if I take a photo shoot with her baby girl??

Lucy Land, Charlotte Zillner and Ella with Miss Debbie
Lucy's Mom, Charlotte's Mom and I were all close friends 7th grade-high school. It is fun to see them again almost daily!!
We had to move Ella a little to the right so we could see Charlotte's face...

and then we couldn't get Ella to look at the camera.
Oh well, the girls and Debbie all look cute!!

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  1. These are such fun pictures. The three of you spent so much time together, since 7th grade! And now to have your daughters all be friends is incredible and so special! They are all three adorable, and Debbie is one lucky lady!