Ella Brooke is BLOOMING...and Carter is too!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support! Trust in the Lord...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Carter's Procedure

Carter is having a small procedure today at Children's Mercy Hospital.
Last night, we went in for a tour of the same-day surgery part of the hospital.
It was wonderful! The lady explained everything to him in a kid-friendly way.
He got to try on the machines that will listen to his heart and take his blood pressure.

He got to try on the mask that he will wear when he goes to sleep.
He got to smell the different flavors of gas that they have, and he chose banana. (What-he doesn't even eat bananas)! We got a tour of the facility and got to see where he will be for the pre-op and post-op, the waiting room....
and we are off. Praying everything will go as planned.

Christmas at Nana and Papa's House

My Uncle Chris is a WONDERFUL cook! With the help of my mom and Aunt Patrice, he put on a Christmas feast! Prime Rib and twice baked potatoes....delicious!
My mom and Nana

Out family around the table-side 1

And side 2 of the table.

Carter LOVED playing with my cousins Natalie and Ashley!

Ella opening her gift from the girls-a pink play cellphone!

Opening gifts from Nana and Papa

Papa's Boy

Ella loved the dress-up clothes Nana and Papa gave her, especially the dress-up shoes

Uncle Kyle brought fun gifts for the kids, too!
They loved the bubbles, race cars and rice crispy treat suckers!

Ella and Uncle Kyle

It was a special Christmas Day!

Joy to the World

The Lord has Come!
We celebrated Christmas morning together, as a family of 4. We loved it and had so much fun.
It was nice  and relaxing
Carter could not wait to see what was in his stocking!

Ella noticed her Princess Belle apron first and wanted to wear it right away.

Then she noticed her pink tricycle!

 Carter was so excited...it was so fun to see him so happy.
His favorite gifts were definitely this huge fire station and his LEGO hospital.
Opening gifts from mom and dad.

Carter picked out this special gift for Ella-an elephant!

Lucky even got new bones from Pappy that Carter wrapped and had under the tree.
Ella is wearing a new apron she got from Mommy and Daddy to wear when she is cooking a her new play kitchen.

YUM! Christmas breakfast.

My boy!

Daddy and Carter.

Then Carter and I made Christmas cookies while Ella took her nap-better late than never!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is a very special time in my family. It is my mom's birthday and we go to Mass with my family. We always go to my Nana and Papa's parish for Mass. My Aunt and her family are here from Texas and my Uncle who lives here in town join us. I love celebrating Mass with all my family.
For years, I can remember going to the stable to see Baby Jesus. Now my kids carry on the same tradition.

Ella looking so angelic

Ella had a hard time sitting in her seat...she would rather run back to the stable.
That was out fault, because we chose the seats right by the Nativity Scene.

Ella and Guh Guh waiting for Mass to start.

After Mass, we headed back to my Nana and Papa's House to eat and celebrate my Mom's Birthday!

Our family of 4 posing by Nana and Papa's Tree

My parents and brother Kyle with us.
(We missed my brother Ryan and his family)!

Papa with our kids and Sweet Pea-my cousins dog from Texas

Under the Tree
Carter and Ella LOVED playing with my beautiful cousins Natalie and Ashley! They are SOOO good with them and even downloaded games for my kids to play on their IPAD and Nook. We love seeing them!

Guh Guh opening her present from Carter

Guh Guh looking at her new earrings from Ella

Then we headed home. Carter had a list of things we needed to do to get ready for Santa!
#1-We had to put out the reindeer food for Rudolph and the other reindeer.

#2-We had to tell our Elf on the Shelf PEE WEE goodbye until next year.
#3-And we had to set out cookies and milk for Santa.
Then we were off to bed, while sugarplums danced in our heads....


We went to see Santa on Friday. My parents were in town for my birthday and Christmas, so they joined us for the annual event!

While we waited for our turn, Carter colored...

while Guh Guh and Ella held our place in line.


Carter and Santa ( Ella is not in this one because we were still trying to coax her into sitting on his lap).

We got her to sit for a quick picture....she was still not sure about him....

Our family by the snowman

And before we left,  Carter decorated a gingerbread cookie.

This Week...

My class made gingerbread houses...here are the girls...

and this is the boys' table.

We finished up Carter's gifts to his 4 teachers.

My class got to read Christmas Books to the students in Carter's class.
Frank and Nathan read to Carter.

Carter had his Christmas party in his Preschool Class.
Here they are making wreaths with colored tissue paper.

They decorated sugar cookies.

And played a "snowball" game.

Ella made a mess with her yogurt!

Ella had been playing with her baby doll.

And she had a Christmas Party at Debbie's House.

They played "Pin the Nose of the Reindeer"

Ella got adorable clothes from Debbie and Jennie, her daughter.

Carter liked his clothes, especially his John Deere shirt.

The group at Debbie's House-minus the 3 babies Ethan, Ethan and Lucy.  (Ethan Thomas is in the highchair).
Debbie always puts on a fun party!