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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Carter's Procedure

Carter is having a small procedure today at Children's Mercy Hospital.
Last night, we went in for a tour of the same-day surgery part of the hospital.
It was wonderful! The lady explained everything to him in a kid-friendly way.
He got to try on the machines that will listen to his heart and take his blood pressure.

He got to try on the mask that he will wear when he goes to sleep.
He got to smell the different flavors of gas that they have, and he chose banana. (What-he doesn't even eat bananas)! We got a tour of the facility and got to see where he will be for the pre-op and post-op, the waiting room....
and we are off. Praying everything will go as planned.

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  1. Carter is so sweet and such a trooper!! I hate to say we were glad we were up there..... but it was great to see he was doing ok! We love him! xx00