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Friday, December 16, 2011

Carter's Christmas Program

It was his first ever performance-and he was excited! He woke up Wednesday morning asking if it was the day of his performance! Ha! We said he had to wait  one more day because it was on Thursday. The program was held on the Holy Trinity campus, at the old stone chapel. It is really pretty.
Ella came home sick that morning-thanks GOODNESS Guh Guh and Pap were in town for Carter's performance! They got to take her to the pediatrician and she was diagnosed with an ear infection.

Waiting for the performance to start.

Carter was front and center. :) He looked so cute!!

Someone (my husband) messed with my camera...and I got horrible pictures!
But you can still see him.

His class sang 2 songs. The first one was "Hark, the Harold Angels Sing."

After the program we went back to his school and had a reception. He wanted to show us his reindeer in the hallway. SO ADORABLE!

He showed us where COCO the classroom green elf was hiding.

We then met in the big room for treats!
Red punch...

and yummy cookies!

Daddy, the performer and Ella.

Carter and Guh Guh

Me and my boy eating brownies

Simon, Carter and Drew-three of his buddies

Our family after the performance!

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