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Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving Activities

Carter made some fun crafts at school. The toilet paper roll turkey says he is thankful for family, grocery store, food, friends and toys. He also made a turkey (laying flat on the tray) out of his feet and hands. He made a fall tree  with colorful leaves. And the Tee Pee is from Mrs. Debbie's House last year.
I know I will love displaying his art work each year.
He got to celebrate his birthday at school. His 4x4 class made him a class book. He got to tell the class what to draw and she said boats or trucks.
Ella and Mommy! I love her purple outfit Grandma Deb picked out.
I bought a coupon to this place awhile back and it was about to expire. We went and created a masterpiece together. Carter loved painting. He chose and snowman ornament.
Then we decorated a Thanksgiving place. The turkeys were made out of the kids' hands and the feathers with their fingers.
Ella working on her turkey.
The finished project! I love it!! It was "fired" in the kiln and Daddy is picking it up today.

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  1. Just looked at all of your wonderful pics from the pretty Christmas tree, to Thanksgiving. The kids have grown so much and just so adorable!! You are wonderful parents and do so much fun activities that Carter and Ella will always treasure. I love Carter's decorations he made. Your mom had beautiful pirate decorations up - looks like a fun time was had by all! Also, Kyle's birthday for Carter at the hotel is so cool!!! Love you all and can't wait to see you!! Love Ella's curly hair! :)))) so cute xxx000