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Friday, December 16, 2011

Letter to Santa and our Elf

Carter wrote and note to Pee Wee (Our Elf on the Shelf) and wanted to mail it...
I was not sure how I would pull this one off. But I remembered a commercial for Macy's Department Store saying that they were collecting notes to Santa and for every one they collected, a donation would be made to charity. So, we sealed his note and decided to send his note to Pee Wee to the North Pole. 

Here he is at Macy's with his letter in hand!

While we were there, he decided to write a note to Santa.

I wrote it out and he signed his name. (I wrote exactly what he said).

He was so happy!
(Carter also write a note for Ella saying she wanted a doll house, a Barbie, fairies and horses).

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