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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weekend with Jay

We LOVED having my nephew, Jay last Saturday! 
It meant seeing both my brothers and sister-in-law. We met for lunch at Free State...YUMMMMM. 
Ella and Daddy stayed home due to nap time.
They were pretty good during lunch.  They were so happy to see each other! 

As you can see, they played and barely ate any of their food.

Then we headed down town with Jennifer.  Lawrence has the BEST toy store! 

The boys used the animal pieces to make some fun stuff!

Then we traveled back to OP and I needed to go grocery shopping...

so I brought the two boys with me. 

Gotta' love the FREE cookies at the bakery!

The kids in their car seats. 
* And notice- we just moved (last Saturday) Ella's seat front facing. I know she likes it better being able to see us! 

Sunday morning we were up EARLY. We went for donuts in our PJs. 
Both the boys wanted sprinkle donuts. 

Ella came too. She prefers chocolate incing on her donuts! 

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