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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mardi Gras

Carter's class celebrated Mardi Gras by having a parade. Each child could make a float out of a shoebox .  Each child then walked in a "parade" around the school carrying their float.
It was cute to watch!

 Carter and the float we made.
We decided to make a traditional Mardi Gras float using the Mardi Gras colors. Carter drew a picture on his float of parade cars.
 Carter's float with the class Ladybug float he helped make.
 The parade!
The kids walked around the school carrying their float.

They gave each child a mask and beads. Carter's class also made crowns to wear.
At the end of the parade, everyone sat in the "large room" where they passed our king's cake to all the kids. (Carter is not looking at my camera...he is in the back in the yellow and purple striped shirt).
Fr. Clayton came for the parade! I talked him into posing for a pic with the class.
(Carter is sitting on the floor in the 2nd row).

The class with their teachers- Ms. Sam and Ms. Erin!

Carter's float on display.
He set his by Brogan's Star Wars float and Aidan's Car float.

It was a fun morning at HTEEC!

Then Carter and I headed to lunch.
I let him pick anywhere we could go...and he chose Dairy Queen! They have two of his favorites- slushies and chicken strips.

I had parent teacher conferences in the late afternoon into the evening, so after our fun lunch I took him back to school.
I had a fun morning and lunch with my boy!

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  1. Love it! Carter is such an adorable boy! Love his shoebox and looks like a great time was had by all! :))