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Friday, March 2, 2012

Last weekend

Last Weekend, we were busy seeing family!
Saturday morning we stopped in Lawrence to meet Uncle Kyle for donuts.
We met him at a delicious donut shop-we will be back!!

Ella and Daddy
I bet we were the ONLY people in Lawrence wearing KSU gear.
KU was playing MU that day...we looked out of place.

Then we were off to MANHAPPY to see Guh Guh, Pappy and Mema!!

We got to go to a basketball game vs. Iowa State.
Ella the cheerleader with her pom pom in hand!!

We saw WILLIE the WILDCAT before the game.

We are a KSU family!!

Carter even got Willie's autograph!

Pappy and Carter during the game.
Carter talked Pappy into an icee, a slushie and popcorn.

After the game Guh Guh and I headed to the mall while the boys and Ella went to Mema's house. It was good to see her. We met up for dinner for BBQ.

Sunday morning as we were leaving-- Mema and Ella in their PINK!

We stopped for a quick breakfast at Carter and Pappy's favorite place.
Then we were off to Salina to celebrate Grandma Gwen's birthday.

All the great-grand kids (and Aunt Stacy)

We hope we made Grandma Gwen's birthday extra special!!

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