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Friday, March 2, 2012

Art Show at HTEEC

Carter's preschool had its art show this week!
The classes studied specific artists and then mimicked their work by making a piece of art.
His ladybug class studied Georgia O'Keeffe.
He made this painting.

His is the one in the middle.

They also studied another artist with the last name of  Street.
They worked in partners and made a collage of pictures.

He made his work of art with Peyton.

His 4x4 Preschool Class studied  Dale Chihuly.
They made this cool wreath. His is one of the blue ones...
and they made these flowers.
Carter made the light blue one.

After looking at all the art there were refreshments!!

My boy loves oreos!!


  1. Carter is a GREAT artist! I love all of his creations, esp. the Georgia O'Keefe! Def. frame worthy! Love you all

  2. Ha. He does love his Oreos!!! Just like his mom! I remember at his Christmas program. There were three tables filled with homemade cookies and candies. I could see Carter's eyes skimming looking for something special. His eyes soon became fixated on the oreos! Gotta love that boy!