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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Catching Up

This is a 'catch up' post. :) I have too many things I want to show you.
Ella has WILD morning hair-Ha! We blame her grandpas for it.

 Carter had a fun time at Alexander's Birthday.
Alexander and Carter are new friends from school.
 It was his first time bowling! He did great.
 We got in our PJ's and went to the drive to see PIRATES.
We let Carter choose the movie.
 I would have to say Ella's favorite part was the buckets of popcorn.
 We hit the annual $2.99 hanging basket sale.
Thank you to the Southerlands Store.
Ryan and I went on a much needed date night to celebrate Meg's birthday.
Dinner, movie and dessert with friends--so fun.
 Baby Emma came for a quick visit.
Aunt Stacy and Grandma Deb came with Emma to KC for a wedding shower.
 Carter was studying the Earth. The class was deciding how they were going to help keep the Earth clean. Carter said he was going to help by picking up garbage.
 Guh Guh came in for a visit and treated us to dessert-YUMMY!
Ella loved the cupcakes and ice cream!!

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  1. I hope they have half the fun this Guh-Guh has! I love that pair!!!