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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break in Newton-Day 2- The Zoo

On the way, Carter was acting like he was a gorilla.

Jay's gorilla face.

First stop was the flamingos. They were beautiful. It was a cold day, so we had the boys bundled up. The zoo was not busy at all, which was so nice, too.

Carter and his chilly mommy.

Jay and his parents on the train ride.

The boys were scared at first of the moneys and gorillas, because they were so close. But they warmed up to them as we went along.

It was a fun trip! Carter's favorite animals to see were the green heads (Mallard ducks),  gorillas, bears and elephants...and all the animals.

Thanks to Grandpa Ranny and Grandma Deb for watching Ella so Guh Guh and I could take Carter and not have to take her out in the cold. :)

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