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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I was off for President's Day. My church group planned an outing. Carter and I had a "Mommy Day" while Ella went to Debbie's house.
Kaleidoscope is AMAZING!! It is operated by Hallmark and free for the kids!!
This is a machine that makes bows. We had to make a few. :)
He loves to paint. He made a crown.
Carter using markers to make a silly mask.

Mommy and Carter with our bag of fun art projects!!
We then went into Crown Center to the candy store-a favorite stop.
Carter chose a mixture of gummies and skittles.
They had an Under the Sea activity area. It was fun to see!
We then met some friends from the group at Fritz's the Train Restaurant. It is a favorite of Carters!
I love spending time with my boy. I think it is important to do fun things with just him to make him feel special. I know we both had a great day together.

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