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Sunday, October 2, 2011

KSU Game

Oh, I love to be back in Manhattan.
Especially on a game day!!
The morning began with breakfast at McDonald's.

Then we went to the Band Day Parade.


Waiting for the parade to start

Ella and Pappy going for a walk.

Then we were off for the game!!
My Aunt Connie and Uncle John came to Mema's House to help watch Ella so we could go to the game. (The game started at 6pm and Ella would not have done well).

Pappy and Carter cheering on the CATS!

Mommy and my boy!

We met Lauren and Chris to tailgate at half time

And of course Carter found the snow cones!
It was a fun day in Man-Happy!

( My mom had to be in Overland Park to be with my Nana and our Daddy could not come...so we hope to make it back for another game later in the season).

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