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Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Patch in Newton

 Carter and Daddy riding the big slide-right when we got there!
 Pappy and Jay on the slide
 Aunt Stacy, Uncle Chris and cousin Caden on the hay rack ride
 Pappy, Guh Guh and the boys on the hay rack ride
Carter loved the hay rack ride! Ella did, too...she barely made a noise.
 The boys pulled by Pappy
 Grandpa Ranny (Randy) and Grandma Deb withe their 3 grandkids
 Miss Ella in her Halloween hat
Carter looks hot--too much fun playing!

 Pappy and Guh Guh with their 3 grandkids
 Taking a rest on pumpkins
 Looking for a pumpkin
 They found the perfect one!
 Jay Jay and his pumpkin
 Carter was so interested in the corn stalks
 swinging with a smile
The boys on the tire swing

climbing high

feeding the donkey

Ella and her Pap!

Pretty girl sitting in the corn

Carter and Jay playing in the corn (and covered in the dust)

Our "farm" family

Pappy, Guh Guh and Jay as "sunflowers"

Daddy and Carter using a sling-shot to shoot baby pumpkins!

The pumpkin patch was so much fun and best of all--it was free! We loved the beautiful weather and spending a fun afternoon with all of Carter and Ella's grandparents and Aunt Stacy, Uncle Chris, and cousins Jay Jay and Caden.

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