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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Carter's Fireman Birthday Party Nov. 20th

We went and toured the local fire station as part of Carter's party. Carter really wanted to know where the firemen slept and ate.

The group (minus Annie) sitting on the front of the firetruck! Each child got to sit in the driver's seat and Carter even got to turn on the fire truck's lights!!

Then the firemen took us outside to the pumper truck and had each child turn the hose
on and off....so neat!!

We also had a lesson about fire safety and they got to "touch" the fireman in his gear

The firemen were SO NICE!! They were GREAT with the kids.

Then we came to our house and hit the fire truck pinata!

Getting the candy after Walter broke the pinata.

The firetruck cake! We also had pizza, juice boxes and red grapes.

"Aunt" Casey and Joel gave Carter a helicopter and trash truck (that talks!) On Sunday morning, the first thing out of Carter's mouth was, " Where is my helicopter?"

Debbie came over with a firetruck book!

And after the party-I remembered the ice cream!

It was so fun!! We will celebrate his "real" birthday tomorrow in Newton with our family. 

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