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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Haunted Forest with Brody

Carter the fireman with Brody "Nemo" the fish

As we walked up to the haunted forest we saw a firetruck sitting out on display. A fireman came up and went on and on about Carter the "fireman in costume"...he invited Carter and Brody to come and sit in the firetruck and gave them a fire safety coloring book. Carter felt so special...

Sitting in the firetruck
Meeting the fire dog

Carter's costume is reflective...so it glows in every picture! The Haunted Forest was in Lenexa at a local park. They had different spots through the walking path decorated and then little plays, puppet shows, or storytellers performed for the group to enjoy. I think it will be a tradition for us to enjoy each year. The air was chilly and really blowing, so Daddy and Ella stayed home. Hopefully they can come with us next year.

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