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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve- Guh Guh's Birthday

Christmas Eve is my mom's birthday. a.k.a. Guh Guh. It is aways a special day celebrating her. We always go to Mass with them and my mom's family.
After Mass

Carter went up tot he altar after Mass to see Baby Jesus in the manger.

I went with the non-traditional attire for Mass.

My Nana, my mom, Ella and I  after Mass at Nana's house.

Our family after Mass in our church attire.

Tradition-we always take family pics by Nana's tree after Mass.

Ella loves her Uncle Kyle!! He likes to play with her, too.

Guh Guh and her cake.

Before we left, Carter had to decorate a sleigh and a tree sugar cookie for Santa.
I had a fun day with you, Mom! Love you!!

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