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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Carter SHOTS

Carter went to the doctor for his yearly appointment. He is really a healthy kid...so we do not have to make many unexpected appointments. Dr. Stuppy was happy to see him, talk with him, and see how much he has grown. He weighs 36 pounds and is 39.6 inches tall. He is in the 48% percentile for weight. Lately, Ryan and I have noticed him growing taller...so I think he is going through a growth spurt. His 3T pants are too short!

One thing that I knew, but he did not, was that I had the option to get some/all of his KINDERGARTEN SHOTS anytime after he turns four. Carter is the type of kid that you have to "surprise" and not let him know about it...until right before. So she gave me the option of waiting, getting a few or all four. After talking with her, I decided to have him get all 4 shots. Poor guy. She said that she has heard of kids who wait, and then their friends have told them all about them...so when they come in they get scared knowing they are getting a lot of shots. I thought it would be best to get them over with. He cried, and I felt awful...but they are done.

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