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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ella B.

Yes, we are slowly beginning to potty train. She seems interested, so we got out our "big girl seat".
What crazy hair she has in the mornings!

She LOVES her baby Grandma Deb picked out for her for Christmas. So much, that she used her baby as a pillow last night to sleep-HA!

Ella had her 6 month follow-up with her cardiologist, Dr. Ardinger at Children's Mercy. The amazing news is that he did not hear the mur-mur, and her heart sounds great. He also said the hole in her heart appears to be shrinking. He explained that Ella's hole is a left over baby hole, that usually closes when a baby takes his/her first breath. It is not a heart defect. After having an ultra sound/EKG (which of course Ella was very wiggly for) the doctor said he was able to get enough pictures to determine that the hole is smaller, but could not estimate the exact measurement from the pictures. He did not see the hole from pictures that were taken of the front of the heart, but did see the hole in the pictures taken of the side of the heart. Dr. Ardinger feels, and I quote, "she is NORMAL AND FINE". Normal to him would be 1 millimeter or less or gone. He would like us to come back when she is 5 years old for a check-up. At that appointment, Ella will be able to sit still and they will be able to get better pictures in the EKG to determine the exact size. We hope that the hole will be sealed up and will have gone away at this appointment in December, 2014.
What wonderful news!!! Praise God for Ella B. a true miracle!!!

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