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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Today was BUSY

Today was a busy day. I am already in my comfy clothes and can't wait until the 8:30 pm bottle to put Ella and Carter to bed. Ryan and I are both so tired.

The March of Dimes walk was this morning. The walk began at 10am (see post below).

Aunt Stacy's baby shower(Ryan's sister) was today at noon. It was hosted by Annie and it was so much fun to see Tri Deltas. :) It was a very nice shower with cute decorations, and the cake was delicious!! Carter came with me and he even got to help Aunt Stacy open her presents.(Picture in the baby shower post below of Stacy, Carter and Grandma Deb).

Today at 2:30 pm was Ryan Bennink's wedding. He is the son of Miss Debbie (who is our AMAZING daycare provider and her family lives across the street from us). Carter has always enjoyed seeing "Dude". Ryan would say, "Hi Dude," to Carter when he was little, so then Carter began calling him Dude. Dude married Melissa.Carter has always been really shy around Melissa...I think she is his first crush! It was a beautiful wedding. The colors were just gorgeous! I have attached the above pics of the wedding. It was also one of our first outings as a family of 4! :)

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