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Friday, October 8, 2010

9 months...so big!

Our pretty girl got her first cold complete with a horrible runny nose this week. She loves sitting in her highchair so she can "watch" us better. One of her favorite toys is her toy keys.

Ryan put her headband on like Rambo. :)

I cannot imagine my life without this precious girl! She gives us so many smiles each day.
She is getting bigger each week and is lately growing a lot of hair-that seems to have a red tint.
She is sitting all on her own and loves to play with toys as she is sitting. I think she is about 16 pounds and will go to the pediatrician this week to find out her exact weight.
She is so verbal and loves the sounds /g/, /m/,/b/. She is a drool bug, too.
We love you, our big girl!!

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