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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 11, 2011-Officially One Year

Ella's due date was April 11th. So "developmentally" as of today, she should act like a One Year Old. She is doing everything she should be doing. :) We are truly BLESSED!

Miss Ella wants to walk. She pulls up and walks around things with one hand. She crawls up the stairs so fast! She is very verbal and loves to wave and give high 5's! She gives her Mommy, Daddy and Debbie kisses. She has two big teeth on the bottom and one that just poked through on the top. She loves to eat most anything you put in front of her. She likes to feed herself, so she prefers pick-up foods. She loves her big brother and they like to play together often. Some days, however, Ella does not want to play with him and as soon as he comes near her, she starts to squeal for him to get away! Oh, she learns fast.  
Of course, Mommy did not miss a chance for dessert! :) We celebrated Ella's "official One Year" with cake and a candle.

She likes icing, just like her mommy and brother!

She is a big girl!

She is blooming just like a little girl should. :)

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