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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NICU-Developmental Clinic April 20th

I always enjoy going to these appointments. I love to hear the experts say how well Ella is doing. :)
Jeanette is a Speech-Language Pathologist and she was great. She really did a nice job involving Carter in the visit.

Here is what she thought about my big girl...
Ella does a great job coordinating her movements up and down. She does great pointing to objects and has good sitting balance. She has good/normal muscle tone. She said Ella is a coordinated, careful walker. She said that developmentally Ella is about 12 months in her gross motor skills and 12-15 months with her fine motor, language and social skills. Janette thought over the next 6 months Ella will gain 7-9 months of skills. Overall, she said Ella was "doing so good!"
They would like to see Ella one more time in 6 months. (We knew leaving the NICU that we would continue appointments for the first 2 years).  At that appointment, they will "score" her as a 21 month old with her age not adjusted to make sure she is on track. Ella should be able to point to body parts, stack cubes and say more than 12 words.
What a blessing! She is on track and doing GREAT!!!!

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